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Padilla wants more Muslim cemeteries, IPs.

To ensure that proper burial by their customs and traditions will be respected, Senator Robinhood “Robin” Padilla wants new cemeteries for Muslims and indigenous people (IPs).

According to Padilla’s Senate Bill 1273, also known as An Act Recognizing the Proper Burials of Muslim Filipinos, Indigenous People, and Other Denominations, many groups, including Muslims, have difficulty burying their loved ones because there aren’t any public cemeteries that will respect their traditions and beliefs.

According to Muslim legislator Padilla’s proposed legislation, “the proposed measure seeks to recognize the proper burial of Muslim Filipinos, Indigenous Peoples, and other denominations, providing for appropriate burial grounds in public cemeteries, as well as for other purposes, in order to preserve the sanctity of their beliefs and culture honoring their dead.” Padilla also noted that the 1987 Constitution guarantees that all Filipinos have the freedom to practice their religion without hindrance.

He claimed that as a result of these complications, many Muslims had been forced to send the remains of their loved ones to their hometowns in Mindanao, which comes at a high cost and creates further issues for the families.

Only Manila, Taguig City, Norzagaray town in Bulacan province, and Montalban town in Rizal province have Muslim cemeteries.

He pointed out that there are various traditions for Muslim Filipinos to follow, such as the prompt burial of the remains without cremation, autopsy, or postponement.

The fact that numerous Filipino funeral ceremonies are held around the nation only highlights the depth of our culture, he claimed. “All of these burial ceremonies are traditionally valid in expressing our identity as Filipinos.”

The deceased may be interred in public cemeteries by their customs and beliefs under the terms of the bill. The size of the Muslim, IP, and other denominational burial grounds shall be determined by the public cemetery.

The local government unit (LGU) may purchase land for the purpose if the portion is insufficient. Land can be donated for this purpose by a Filipino citizen. The size of the lots for the burial site may be discussed between the donor and the LGU, with the LGUs aiding in obtaining licenses, permits, and other procedures.

A Public Cemetery Board shall be established in highly urbanized cities, independent component cities, and provinces.

Mujiv Hataman, a representative from Basilan, sponsored a bill in the House of Representatives that would compel all communities with a sizable Muslim population to establish cemeteries so that Muslims can follow their tradition of burying their dead within 24 hours.

The House committee on Muslim matters has received a similar bill, HB 2587, from Representatives Zia Alonto Adiong and Yasser Alonto Balindong of Lanao del Sur.

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