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Taiwan: “Visa-free access for PH has yet to restart.”

The Philippines and other Asian countries are still missing from Taiwan’s most recent list of nations that do not require visas for admission.

Joanne Ou, a spokeswoman for Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), said on Wednesday that while the Philippines’ participation in the program had legally ended in July 2022, it had not yet been reinstated.

We didn’t “suspend” it, and most of the Asian nations haven’t been “resumed” just yet, but I’m sure it will be considered in our upcoming round of discussions, she added.

“It was not “suspended,” but rather not yet, for the rest of Asia. It will be in our next round of evaluation. Of course, we place a significant priority on our positive connections with the Philippines, “Added she.

According to the September 6 advice from Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bureau of Consular Affairs (BOCA), only 54 nations, including Australia, the United States, and France, would be able to enter Taiwan without a visa as of September 12.

According to Ou, 66 nations were initially eligible for visa-free immigration.

With the exception of the Philippines, the plan hasn’t started up again in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Russia, Israel, Chile, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua.

Filipino crew members or service employees planning to join a vessel or aircraft to report for duty are “ineligible for the visa-free entrance,” the ministry noted.

The program was originally made available to Filipinos during a nine-month trial period from November 2017 to July 2018, enabling them to visit Taiwan without a visa for at least 14 days.

The agreement has been extended and will remain effective until July 31, 2022.

The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines stated Wednesday night that “for 2022-2023, (there is) no complete formal notification from BOCA yet.”

TECO has previously stated that the first edition of Manila was done as a “show of Taiwan’s amity with the Philippines” and to make travel to Taiwan easier for Filipinos.

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