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Russia’s conflict in Ukraine is “reaching another pivotal moment,” says a US defense official.

The US secretary of defense on Thursday urged partners to “sustain Ukraine’s heroic defenders for the long haul” as the war in Ukraine is “at another important point.”

“Four months after our first contact group meeting, the conflict is still an important topic today. Ukrainian forces have started their counteroffensive in the country’s south as Russian forces continue to cruelly bombard Ukrainian cities and civilians with missiles and artillery fire, “In his opening remarks at the fifth Ukraine Defense Contact Group meeting in Ramstein, Germany, Lloyd Austin said.

“And they’re incorporating the tools we’ve all given them to fight for and reclaim their own sovereign land. Therefore, it’s appropriate that we meet again at Ramstein “Added he.

The contact group, according to him, “has to position itself to maintain Ukraine’s heroic defenders for the long haul” and was created to address Ukraine’s “most pressing demands.”

“And that necessitates an ongoing, purposeful flow of capability right now. It entails making a hasty shift toward innovation and driving all of our defense and industrial bases to equip Ukraine with the necessary instruments for the difficult road ahead “said he. And it entails strengthening and renewing our commitment to support Ukraine.

He stated, “We’re here because we don’t want to live in a world where big nations violate borders with force.

He claimed that as the nature of the conflict changed, so did the contact group’s purpose.

According to Austin, they will cooperate to train Ukraine’s military personnel, facilitate the integration of Ukraine’s capabilities and strengthen joint operations, upgrade their defense industrial bases to meet Kyiv’s needs, and produce and develop new weapons to meet Ukraine’s self-defense requirements.

He also brought up the US’s pledge to provide Ukraine with security assistance of USD6.3 billion made at the group summit last month.

Austin further mentioned that President Joe Biden had on Wednesday approved the current round of US aid to Ukraine, amounting to up to USD675 million.

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