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Padilla desires a more severe course of action to fight fake news.

On Thursday, Senator Robin Padilla urged for a more forceful strategy to stop the spread of false information.

Padilla said in Senate Resolution 191 that misinformation in the corporate, financial, public health and political sectors costs the world economy roughly USD78 billion yearly.

He claimed that an inter-agency strategy must be developed to prevent misuse of the internet and other information and communication tools.

In his resolution, Padilla stated that “the dissemination of fake news through channels like social media, messaging mobile applications, and SMS has significantly exacerbated the social and political gap among Filipinos, leading to confusion, distrust, and the growth of hate speech.”

“Although freedom of expression enjoys an exalted place in the hierarchy of constitutional rights, the exercise of the right is not absolute because it may be so regulated that it shall not be injurious to the equal enjoyment of others having equal rights, not injurious to the rights of the community or society,” he continued.

He also mentioned that on April 1st, the UN Human Rights Council passed a resolution condemning false news.

In particular, the news sector and educational institutions were among the sectors mentioned by Padilla as needing to do their share to combat fake news.

He stated that although players in the education sector must be proactive against online propaganda, misinformation, and lies, the news industry must promote news literacy and professional journalism.

In light of the pandemic, Padilla suggested that the Philippine National Police and the Department of Information and Communications Technology establish a task force to combat false information.

The resolution calls for an inquiry to support the proposed legislation to strengthen the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 and related laws.

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