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Need for a national program to prevent learning poverty: Solon

On Friday, Senator Sherwin Gatchalian requested the government to fund a nationwide initiative that will solve the academic deficit brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic and prevent losses due to the absence of in-person instruction.

In a press release, Gatchalian stated that the Senate hearing on Senate Bill No. 150, also known as the Academic Recovery and Accessible Learning (ARAL) Program Act, on Thursday revealed that the National Economic and Development Authority estimates that the absence of face-to-face classes for a year will result in productivity losses of PHP10.8 trillion over the following 40 years.

The ARAL program has an initial budget of PHP 20 billion.

Although it may seem like a lot, according to Gatchalian, it represents only 0.18 percent of impending productivity losses.

“Investing P20 billion in an academic recovery program is actually fairly affordable. On the other side, Gatchalian, the Committee on Basic Education chairman, warned that if nothing is done, we will immediately lose PHP10 trillion.

Gatchalian’s suggested national core strategy, known as the ARAL Program, enables students to catch up with the rest of the world despite learning losses.

The curriculum will include systematic tutorial sessions and thoughtfully crafted remediation schedules.

It focuses on students who weren’t enrolled in School Year 2020–2021 when the pandemic started, are falling behind academically, and are at or slightly above the minimal standard for competency in Language, Mathematics, and Science.

For grades 1 through 10, it will cover the most crucial academic skills in language and math, and for grades 3 through 10, it will cover academic skills in science.

Literacy and numeracy skills will be emphasized for kindergarten students in order to build on their fundamental skills.

According to World Bank projections, the Philippines’ rate of learning poverty will be 90.9% as of June 2022.

The proportion of 10-year-old children who cannot read or comprehend a straightforward story is known as learning poverty.

We will see a considerably worse exam score if we don’t implement a significant academic recovery program, according to Gatchalian, because the pre-pandemic score was already appalling.

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