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Cordillera intensifies attempts to entice visitors back.

The 2019 coronavirus illness pandemic-related limitations have been eased, according to the Department of Tourism (DOT) – Cordillera, which said Friday that it had started a campaign to entice more visitors to come to the area.

“We are prepared to launch Cordillera. This announcement of the opening and relaunch of the area as a travel destination has been anticipated, “Director of DOT-Cordillera Jovita Ganongan stated at a news conference held in this location.

Ganongan claimed that improvements were made to their facilities during the lockdown, tourist attractions were cleaned up, safety procedures were implemented, and tourism staff members were better trained.

“We need to get ready since we know that the lockdown was temporary and that life will soon return to normal. We advertise our travel locations in hopes that people will put them on their bucket lists, “She spoke.

Activities and training sessions were held for those who will be serving tourists, including those working in hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, tour operators, promoters, tour guides, food servers and handlers, and institution front-line staff.

In addition to providing pleasure or delight, value-adding training was also available to raise the significance of a product or venue.

Due to the ongoing competition, Ganongan stated, “We have to keep raising the standards and quality of the employees.”

She claimed that in order to entice visitors to visit the location in person after the limitations are lifted, virtual guided tours were also created during the lockdown.

Ganongan claimed that although Baguio City has continued to register strong tourist numbers this year, pre-pandemic levels have not yet been attained.

Before the pandemic, the Cordillera region saw 2.28 million tourists annually on average, but that number fell by 83 percent in 2020 and by a further 24.75 percent in 2021.

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