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DAR chief expedites CARP’s inventory of government-owned lands.

As part of the commitment made by the administration of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. in the following six years, Secretary of Agrarian Reform (DAR) Conrado Estrella III is speeding up the inventory of idle government-owned lands (GOLs) under Executive Order 75, which includes State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) nationwide.

There won’t be a moratorium to halt the distribution of GOLs and SUCs, according to Estrella.

About 26,000 of the approximately 56,000 hectares of GOLs nationwide that can be covered by EO 75, series of 2019, are still being evaluated by the DAR and are intended to be distributed for free to eligible beneficiaries of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program, he said (CARP).

We will assess the available SUCs, create an inventory of them, and determine which regions are used for agri-research. For distribution to qualifying beneficiaries of the CARP, only those regions not used for this purpose will be covered, he said in a news release on Sunday.

Estrella had already instructed his DAR field officials to closely coordinate with the SUCs in order to ensure that only those lands that are no longer used for educational purposes will be included in the inventory of lands for SUCs. This was done to ensure that only those lands that are not used for educational purposes shall be included in the inventory of lands for SUCs.

All government departments are directed by Executive Order 75 to identify, validate, segregate, transfer, and distribute GOLs suitable for agriculture that is no longer being used for the purpose they were reserved and to distribute them to eligible recipients.

Agricultural lands may be awarded to landless war veterans, landless surviving spouses and orphans of war veterans, and landless retirees of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) by Section 40 of RA 6657, according to Estrella.

In addition to AFP and PNP recipients, returnees, surrenderers, and other comparable beneficiaries must receive agricultural lands under DAR Administrative Order (AO) No. 03, series of 1997, he continued.

On the other hand, Estrella added that agricultural graduates are also included as beneficiaries as specified under Administrative Order No. 3, series of 2020 to encourage the youth to engage in farming.

In order to boost their output and revenue and contribute to economic progress, Estrella stated that we need a new breed of technically trained farmers who practice a scientific method of farming.

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