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DBM cautions the public about phony solicitation techniques.

The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) issued a warning to the public on Monday against falling for a scam in which individuals act as DBM employees or officials in order to solicit money purportedly to speed up the delivery of funds for programs and projects.

The DBM claimed in a press release that certain con artists have been creating paperwork, getting local chief executives to sign the requests, name contractors, and demand payments under the false pretext that the funds will be released as quickly as possible.

According to a statement from the DBM, which Secretary Amenah F. Pangandaman leads, the organization “condemns such fraudulent claims and activities and commits to working with appropriate authorities to investigate and quickly identify individuals who are participating in this scam.”

The statement said, “We shall not allow nor condone any fraudulent representation and solicitation of this sort in any way, form, occasion, and manner, as the same is regarded as illegal and unlawful.”

According to the DBM, a full investigation into these illicit acts is currently being carried out in coordination with the appropriate authorities.

The DBM stated, “We shall make every effort to identify, apprehend and file the proper charges against these dishonest persons and organizations to the utmost degree permitted by law.

Additionally, the agency is collaborating with the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) to help issue a memo warning and instruct local government entities to take action against such illegal activities.

The statement continued, “We at the DBM and its affiliated agencies do not, and will not, authorize any individual or group to bargain and solicit funds from the public in exchange for favors.

The DBM stated that it adheres to the provisions of current laws, rules, and regulations regarding the release of funds and strongly upholds integrity, diligence, and transparency.

According to the DBM, “Our Citizen’s Charter, ” prominently displayed in our offices and facilities and on our official website, clearly outlines our duty to handle our people’s money and its process.

The DBM encouraged people to report similar fraudulent actions by calling (02) 735-4847 in the meanwhile. The organization provided a guarantee that callers’ identities would be kept secret.

The DBM further urged the public to be more watchful and discriminating and to report any similar cases or any questionable activities involving exploiting the DBM, its Secretary, or any other official’s name to further one’s personal agenda or interest.

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