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Expert: Masks also shield us from other contagious diseases.

A health expert stated on Monday that wearing a face mask offers protection against other communicable diseases in addition to the coronavirus disease of 2019 (Covid-19).

Dr. Lulu Bravo, executive director of the Philippine Foundation for Vaccination, reaffirmed the Department of Health officer-in-charge Maria Rosario Vergeire’s recommendation to wear masks, whether they are necessary or not during a televised public briefing.

“If you have comorbidity, immunocompromised, cancer, you’re a transplant patient, you’re elderly, vulnerable, even not Covid-19, face mask protects you from diseases like flu,” she said it is currently the most common respiratory illness in the country.

She said that even if you don’t have Covid-19, you can still have symptoms like a cough, a cold, and pneumonia.

She claimed that the most vulnerable, immunocompromised population needed to be protected from these potentially lethal infections.

On Monday, Malacanang issued an executive order (EO) authorizing the voluntary use of face masks outside, particularly in wide spaces and unpopulated, well-ventilated outdoor places.

Due to its publication in the Official Gazette, the EO will go into effect immediately.

Senior citizens, people with impaired immune systems, and those who have not finished their primary Covid-19 vaccine series are nevertheless “highly advised” to use face masks under the EO.

The Inter-Agency Task For the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases had previously advised low-risk people in low-risk environments to wear face masks outside voluntarily.

The World Health Organization has advocated using face masks as a crucial strategy to stop the spread of Covid-19 and preserve lives since the outbreak began.

It stated that using properly fitted face masks should be a part of a comprehensive strategy that includes maintaining a physical distance, routinely washing one’s hands, and ensuring that interior locations have adequate ventilation.

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