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A constitutional amendment is necessary to adapt to the changes, says Padilla

On Tuesday, Senator Robinhood “Robin” Padilla emphasized the necessity to update the country’s 35-year-old Constitution to keep up with modern demands. He also made it clear that he is not blaming any prior governments for the predicament in the country.

Padilla said the Philippine Constitution changed several times, from the Malolos Convention, 1935 Constitution, 1973 Constitution, and the 1987 Constitution, adding that all of this happened to adapt to the time’s changes at the Senate Committee on Constitutional Amendments and Revision of Codes, which he chairs.

The speaker declared, “We are in 2022. We have to adapt to the times and our surroundings. We cannot afford to remain narrow-minded. Kailangan lamang siguro sa panahon ngayon ay mag-adjust tayo kung ano ang nangyayari, una sa paligid natin at kung ano ang nangyayari sa world.”

He continued by saying that even the United States of America has undergone changes and has diverged significantly from the Constitution of 1776.

Because “the world is changing,” according to Padilla, “everyone is now utilizing the internet, and anyone can establish a business using computers,” Filipinos must maintain an open mind.

“I never blamed any particular leader or Constitution for the difficulties we are experiencing, but what is clear is that change is a natural occurrence as time passes, even for the Constitution. Kailan man po wala kaming sinabi na kasalanan ng isang pangulong dumaan kung ano man po ang nangyayari na kahirapan sa Pilipinas. Wala po kaming sinasa

He took note of the arguments made by the expert, law professor Anthony Amunategui Abad, that the Constitution changes to meet modern demands.

He reaffirmed that everyone would have a chance to speak and that his committee would conduct its hearings fairly and impartially.

According to Padilla, everyone is invited to attend our hearing, whether pro or against it; nonetheless, they all need to express their opinions.

Abad, meanwhile, praised the senator for his bravery in convening such hearings and added that future Filipinos stood to gain from them.

“For the record, I’d like you to know that I think this is a courageous act on your part; it is both patriotic and heroic, and so far from what I’ve seen in the long history (of our) legislature, what you’re doing now is historic. And you will have the gratitude of many unborn Filipinos if the changes occur. Bale next generation ang makikinabang sa pag-amend natin sa Constitution (The next generation of

He claimed that if the Constitution’s economic provisions were changed, more investors would come in and create jobs.

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