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BBM wants “equality” for Pinoys in the Philippines.

President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s goal for the Philippines is to help more people out of poverty.

Because the idea of children going hungry and living in poverty moved him to tears, Marcos underlined the need to create “equality” in the nation in his taped one-on-one conversation with TV personality Toni Gonzaga, which was broadcast on AllTV Channel on Tuesday.

When asked what he wanted for the nation, Marcos responded, “Equality. Daming mayaman dito. Daming mahirap. Mas marami ang mahirap” (There are many affluent people in the nation, but there are more poor people).

“What touches me is to witness an innocent suffering,” Marcos continued. “When I see children suffering, could hardly eat, and are ill, that’s when it affects me.”

As he swore to carry on the tradition of his late father and namesake, former president Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr., Marcos made the declaration.

He claimed that his recollections of his father defending the nation “equipped” him for the presidency.

Although I’m not sure if I’m fully ready, Marcos remarked, “I have some preparation, you know that I can put in my belt, and that’s just seeing my father. Watching what he did.”

The finest politics is performance-based.

Marcos pledged to work for the Filipino people and provide them with a pleasant existence, acknowledging that “performance is best politics.”

Performance is the best type of politics, he declared. “If you can accomplish something, no matter what others say, you can do it,” he remarked.

“The most important thing is that people know who improves their lives, and nobody can take that away from me,” said Marcos. “Alam ng tao eh (People know who improves their lives),” he continued.

He acknowledged that “political interest” had caused division in the nation.

Pinaglalaban lang natin ‘yung sa partido ko, ‘yung sa kandidato ko, ‘yung sa gusto ko,’ doon sa… Hindi natin iniisip ‘yung ano ‘yung para sa Pilipinas (We just talked about the political parties, their candidates, and their interests. We do not talk about what the Philippines deserves),”

A crazy ride awaits.

Despite his difficulties as president, Marcos declared that he is now prepared for a “wild ride.”

Marcos claimed he would advise his eight-year-old self to be prepared for the “unexpected” and “wonderful” things that would come his way.

Yes, I would tell my younger self: “Boy, are you in for a wild ride? You have no idea of what the rest of your life holds. It’s going to be something. Something amazing. It’s going to be something unexpected. So many things that happened in my life were so unexpected. Prepare yourself because you will experience many things in your life,” Marcos said.

The “win” of his parents

Marcos defeated his closest challenger, former Vice President Maria Leonor Robredo, by a landslide 31,629,783 votes, or more than 16 million votes.

Marcos said that his overwhelming victory “shocked” him.

Nevertheless, he credited his parents, former First Lady Imelda Marcos and his father, for his success.

The day after the May 9, 2022 presidential election, on May 11, Marcos visited his father’s grave and told him, “You (Dad) should be here. This is not all mine. This is yours and moms. It’s your good work that brought me here. Don’t abandon me now. I’m going to need your help,” Marcos added.

The President reportedly told the man, “I spoke to him. I said it’s time for you to rest now. Don’t worry; we’ll be here. We’ll continue. I will use what I’ve learned from you to continue your work. And I will attempt to do that.

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