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Marcos wants to give government employees a rice allowance.

President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is considering giving government employees a rice allowance, citing the need to reduce their daily expenses in light of the escalating costs of essential commodities.

“I’m going to start the rice allowance, at least for the government employees. In an interview with TV host-actress Toni Gonzaga that aired on ALLTV Channel on Tuesday, Marcos said, “Part of the sweldo, ang pagbayad is in rice giving so we can ensure that everyone, every family will have rice.

According to Marcos, who also serves as the director of the Department of Agriculture, the government will purchase the rice that will be distributed because it is less expensive than rice that is sold on the open market.

Due to the anticipated rise in demand for rice, he claimed that this program would also help rice growers.

“What will happen is that there will be a demand since the government will be purchasing in large quantities, and then we will speak with other businesses,” the official said. Malalaking Korporasyon Mayroon Na Silang Rice Allowance E Marami naman sa dun (There are a lot of corporations that give rice allowance). Therefore, we shall formalize it. Therefore, “mayroon tayong ganun (we have that) at the very least,” he continued.

According to Marcos, the government must alter the way that the poor are now subsisting on just enough food or cash to keep themselves alive.

They shouldn’t be living on less than what they need to survive and shouldn’t be spending 60, 70, or 80 percent of their salary on food. That’s way too much, he declared.

“They are out of resources for anything else. They cannot pay for electricity or water, nor can they take their kids to school. These are all expenses that they must make. Therefore, in my opinion, that accurately captures the scope of the issue, he continued.

Rs. 20 per kg

While acknowledging that it could take some time, Marcos remained adamant that his objective of lowering rice costs to as little as PHP20 per kilo is “feasible.”

There is a way, but it will take some time. He said that the National Food Authority [NFA] must resume performing its previous duties.

Marcos expressed optimism that rice prices might be lowered to PHP20 per kilo in three years should the government successfully improve the nation’s value chain.

If we correct the value chain, we can save money at every stage, and eventually, the global market will improve, allowing us to reach PHP 20. But the journey there is lengthy. It won’t be simple,” he said.

Additionally, Marcos emphasized the significance of agriculture in “transforming” rather than reviving the economy.

“I do not want the economy to return to its previous level from 2019.” To prepare the economy for the shocks and challenges we will encounter starting in 2022, he continued.

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