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France is willing to continue discussing its submarine offer with Philippines.

When the Philippines is prepared to discuss its submarine acquisition program, the French government will be willing to resume discussions, according to Wednesday’s statement by French Ambassador Michèle Boccoz.

Although a contractor has not yet been identified, the Philippine Navy stated last year that if it weren’t for the coronavirus pandemic, a submarine deal would have been concluded sometime in 2021 or the first semester of 2022.

France offered a proposal, according to Boccoz, who also stated that talks with the Philippines were “ongoing.”

“France is prepared should the Philippines decide to do something since we are committed to cooperating more closely and developing a more strategic partnership with the Philippines. We are prepared to discuss that viewpoint with them, “She made this statement at the Mandaluyong City conference on Revolutionizing the Philippines Defense Posture with France in the Indo-Pacific, organized by Stratbase.

“We consider readiness to be really crucial. In this crucial area, we can offer this collaboration. In addition to defending sovereignty and sovereign rights, which are crucial, our position is one of protection, “Added her.

Without the pandemic, PH would have signed the submarine agreement.

Vice President Nicolas de la Villemarque of the French military business Naval Group in India and Asia-Pacific promoted the Scorpene diesel-electric submarines as having been “sea-tested” in several regional navies, including those of Chile, Malaysia, India, and Brazil.

“First and foremost, we stand out because we own a cutting-edge submarine that has been sea tested by numerous regional navies. Second, France’s government, military, and foreign affairs departments work together to have the sea-proven competence to build a submarine fleet from scratch “In the same presser, he remarked.

“The three pillars — the platform, training, maintenance, and establishing a squadron in the Philippines — would be the goal rather than just buying the platform. This is what sets us apart from our rivals, “Added he.

The country has expressed interest in adding submarines to its naval arsenal to enable the Philippine Armed Forces to develop a realistic defense posture.

The Philippine Navy had previously stated that Turkey, South Korea, and India were considering placing bids for its submarine acquisition program.

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