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Through the PinasLakas effort, 2.5M people were uplifted versus Covid-19.

As of September 14, the PinasLakas campaign had immunized 30,363 elderly folks and given the first booster doses to 2,558,086 people.

Dr. Carmela Granada, the division chief of the Department of Health Public Operations Center, stated on an online forum that only 2.83 percent of the 1,074,110 target age group had received all recommended vaccinations.

The number of people given boosts amounts to 10.73 percent of the 23,840,032 target population.

By the end of 2022, we hope to have infected 70% of the population, giving the bulk of our community immunity and safeguarding those who cannot defend themselves. Accordingly, this 70% coverage equates to 78.1 million Filipinos, according to Granada.

She said, “There are 72,810,132 or 93.23 percent fully immunized Filipinos and 18,658,487 or 23.89 boost persons.”

Citing statistics on cases of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) seen in medical facilities from July 1 to September 11, Granada asked anyone who hadn’t yet had their first round of Covid-19 vaccinations to do so.

About 44 percent of the 37,025 Covid-19 cases documented during that time were not fully immunized.

According to Granada, “almost twice as many of those who weren’t properly immunized were severe or critical, and 9.47 percent resulted in death.”

Fully immunized people were among the Covid-19 cases admitted to the healthcare institutions, but only 5.98% progressed to a severe or critical stage, and only 4.59% ended in death.

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