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BIR initiatives to ‘closer’ provide services to taxpayers are praised.

On Thursday, Senator Win Gatchalian praised the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) for working to make taxpayers more aware of their rights and obligations. He also called for additional hearings to examine whether a National Taxpayers Advocate is necessary.

“If a tax advocate is required, we are open to more conversations. The Senate Committee on Ways and Means chair, Gatchalian, stated, “I think duplication confuses.

The Taxpayer Bill of Rights and Obligations Act, Senate Bill Nos. 1077 and 1199, was the subject of a hearing. BIR Deputy Commissioner Marissa Cabreros said the agency fully supported the hearing outcome but emphasized that the BIR is equipped to protect the taxpayers by citing their programs.

The National Taxpayers Advocate will help promote tax compliance and aid taxpayers. Last month, Senator Lito Lapid proposed the measure to safeguard taxpayers who have reportedly been harassed by some BIR and Bureau of Customs (BoC) employees.

Gatchalian also introduced Senate Bill No. 1199, also known as An Act Ordaining a Bill of Rights and Obligations of the Taxpayer.

Cabreros stated that the BIR is supervised by the Department of Finance (DOF) for compliance to safeguard taxpayers. The BIR can also present Congress with its reports upon request.

The BIR representative also mentioned that each revenue office has a Client Support Service (CSC) that provides in-person help, online services, and information dissemination to all revenue offices.

Cabreros noted that taxpayers might submit complaints via the CSC or, if they preferred, they could submit them directly to the BIR national headquarters, whether personal or anonymous.

According to a set norm, taxpayers who challenge collections can do so through CSC or by reporting it to the national office. They can even openly file their protest and choose to remain anonymous, according to Cabreros.

Gatchalian praised the BIR for its efforts to become more accessible to taxpayers and claimed to grasp the agency’s responsibilities.

Gatchalian stated, “I thank BIR for truly making an effort to make it easy for our taxpayers,” He added that he had personally checked out the agency’s website and seen improvements.

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