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Solon requests that ERC investigate the power supply issues.

On Friday, Senator Risa Hontiveros urged the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) to evaluate the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP), a privately owned company, for failing to deliver a sufficient supply of electricity, which will have an impact on roughly a million homes in Luzon.

In a statement, Hontiveros argued that the power grid’s system operation and the development plan and execution procedure for power transmission should be thoroughly reviewed.

She is advocating for changes to Republic Act 9136, often known as the Electric Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA), which prevents the admission of additional energy sources and power generation.

According to Hontiveros, “The EPIRA must be modified to create a power industry framework that is responsive to our people’s demands and not merely generating profits for subpar services.”

She claimed that despite failing to maintain the grid’s safe “brownout-free” operation, the NGCP nevertheless makes enormous profits.

In its probe of the recent NGCP decision to put the Luzon grid on yellow and red alerts, resulting in rotating blackouts, she urged the ERC to “leave no stone unturned.”

The EPIRA requires the ERC to support competition, foster market growth, guarantee consumer choice, and sanction market power abuse in the reformed electricity sector.

Hontiveros recalled that at earlier Senate hearings, NGCP members committed to working on significant reforms to address several issues that led to forced outages and rotating blackouts.

What happened to the firm contracts for ancillary services that were supposed to be one of the many policies and programs that will offer remedies and further diminish the power supply challenges and, most crucially, their duty to carry out significant improvement of power lines? Hontiveros enquired.

Hontiveros claimed that in just ten years of their 25-year contract to operate the electrical grid system, NGCP owners got corporate dividends totaling PHP187.8 billion.

Only around 36 of the 127 transmission projects that NGCP has across the nation have been completed on time, according to Hontiveros.

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