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DAR educates ARBs on modern farming methods to increase yield.

To help beneficiaries of agrarian reform and the communities they live in to enhance the quality of their crops and increase yields, the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) will train them in new agricultural methods and techniques.

DAR Secretary Conrado Estrella III stated in a news release on Sunday that the department has started intensive training for groups interested in agrarian reform beneficiaries (ARBOs).

He claimed that they aim to assist the government’s food security program by reaching out to about 7,500 ARBOs nationwide.

To build demonstration farms for the Farm Business School (FBS) project, the DAR Support Services will work in conjunction with the Agriculture Training Institute (ATI) of the Department of Agriculture (DA) to mobilize various ARBOs worldwide.

Then they will assess if ARBOs are prepared to take on the challenge of increasing food productivity.

Attorney Milagros Isabel Cristobal, DAR Undersecretary for Support Services, stated that the FBS is a long-running DAR project where interested members of ARBOs receive training on innovative farming techniques to aid in increasing agricultural production and providing high-quality harvests.

The demonstration farms will turn into model farms that ARBOs can visit to learn farming methods they can use in their regions.

The goal, according to Cristobal, “is to ascertain the technical readiness of our ARBOs to construct demonstration farms where fellow, but less technically capable ARBOs can learn from.”

According to her, DAR wants to persuade at least one ARBO in each region of the nation to accept the challenge and become one of the program’s pioneers.

Estrella, a former Abono Partylist delegate, expressed admiration for farmers and agricultural organizations around the country.

By giving meals to those living in places that were severely hit by the Covid-19 outbreak, they have long demonstrated their trustworthiness, according to Estrella.

“I should know,” he continued, “since we collaborated with them to secure the ongoing supply of food for our people when operations of the food production business virtually ceased during the pandemic.”

According to Estrella, maximizing the nation’s food output was one of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s objectives. The concurrent DA secretary is the President.

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