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Pushing for remote work again to reduce traffic.

Senator Win Gatchalian has reissued his plea for a rise in the use of remote working arrangements to reduce the worsening traffic congestion in Metro Manila.

If a sizable number of firms accept the scheme, he claimed, it might help address the enduring issue of transportation congestion in urban areas.

According to a recent study by the insurance technology site GoShorty, Filipinos are stuck in Metro Manila’s traffic every year for roughly 98 hours, or more than four days.

According to Gatchalian, the government should offer financial advantages to businesses that would accept the program to encourage them to adopt work-from-home or telecommuting policies.

Gatchalian stated on Sunday that “we want to incentivize those who opt-in to this program because of the significant benefits it will have on our people.”

According to Senate Bill 1149, employees are entitled to a PHP25 reduction from their taxable income for each hour of work performed through a telecommuting or work-from-home arrangement.

Additionally, compensation supplied by employers to employees for WFH or telecommuting expenses that do not exceed PHP2,000 per month will be regarded as a non-taxable benefit.

“The epidemic has expedited the work-from-home revolution, which has several benefits that benefit not just the affected workers. According to Gatchalian, this approach will reduce travel congestion, which is particularly advantageous as in-person sessions restart and many firms are now operating at total capacity.

He noted numerous studies show that remote working arrangements will increase staff productivity and lower transportation congestion and fuel usage.

“A remote work arrangement promotes work-life harmony for the employing group. (Remote working arrangements increase our employees’ ability to combine their job and personal lives.) Bukod sa nagpapataas ito ng productivity at mas nagiging competitive ang mga kompanyang nagpapatupad nito. In addition to boosting productivity and the competitiveness of businesses that adopt this plan, it also contributes to improving our fellow citizens’ health),” the senator remarked.

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