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The government of Taguig City will continue the cleanup effort.

On Monday, Taguig City’s local government declared that the cleanliness campaign it started on September 17 would continue.

“It is not a cleanup day at all. It takes more than one day to clean up all the places for which the task force is responsible. The task force will decide which locations need daily cleaning.)” in a statement, Mayor Lani Cayetano.

Hundreds of people from 28 barangays have joined the campaign, which aims to stop flooding typically brought on by trash caught in the rivers and stop potential dengue epidemics.

The burden of incorporating the cleanup effort into the city’s long-term flood prevention strategy fell to the Task Force on Flood Control Management.

For this effort, the creation of a drainage plan, the restoration of the drainage system, and the division of the rainwater and sewage systems are also in the works.

Restaurants, commercial facilities, including batching plants, and families would all be required to properly segregate and dispose of their trash as part of this effort, according to the Taguig government.

Including grease traps, interceptors, oil separators, or holding tanks for wastes damaging to the drainage system or the public sewer system will be a further requirement set forth by the City Planning and Development Office, it was stated.

According to Cayetano, participants will be encouraged to participate in the cleanup effort in their areas.

Along with residents, the Philippine National Police (PNP), PNP-Maritime Group, Manila Water, Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), organizations like the Progressive Ladies League (PLL), Tapat na Kasama (TNK), Homeowners Associations (HOA), and barangay officials and staff also took part in the activity last Saturday.

The cleanup campaign demonstrated the city’s compliance with the Supreme Court’s order to clean Manila Bay and the waterways leading to it.

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