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Padilla wants to reduce prejudice towards Muslims and indigenous peoples.

In addition to pushing for creating a National Hijab Day, Senator Robin Padilla stated on Thursday that he wants to end prejudice against Muslims and other indigenous peoples (IPs).

Senator Francis Tolentino also backed Padilla’s Senate Bill 1272, which would designate February 1 as National Hijab Day, at the Senate Committee on Cultural Communities and Muslim Affairs meeting.

Tolentino praised the effort to observe and commemorate the Muslim community.

Every February 1, according to Padilla, Muslim scholars and leaders will discuss their religion and wearing the hijab in important cities and other settings. He made the point that even saints and nuns wear the hijab.

“Some people might behave that way due to what they see on television, in movies, or even on potentially biased news programs. The National Headscarf Day is significant because it helps non-Muslims understand why Muslim women wear the hijab “In Filipino, he spoke.

In the presence of adult males who aren’t part of the woman’s immediate family, she wears a hijab, a veil that covers her head and chest.

This article of clothing, which is claimed to be a manifestation of Islam, has been the target of prejudice and discrimination against Muslim women.

According to Padilla, “Islam and Catholics share commonalities because even the Virgin Mary and Catholic nuns wear the hijab.”

The senator is of the opinion that spreading knowledge will eradicate the ignorance that underlies the prejudice against Muslims and other communities in the nation.

“There is ignorance when there is bigotry. Many people who discriminate erroneously believe they are wise but are fools, “According to Padilla, he has encountered discrimination not only as a result of his Muslim faith but also as a result of being an ex-offender or former prisoner.

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