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Senate to have “close debate” on total POGO ban: Pimentel

Aquilino Pimentel III, the minority leader in the Senate, stated on Thursday that senators’ opinions would differ on a proposal outright to ban Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs).

However, he pointed out that the Senate would support the legislation overwhelmingly if it called for a reform of the current POGO system.

In an interview with CNN Philippines, Pimentel stated that “there is an overwhelming support for a change in the present policy, a change in the existing laws and regulations, as well as a change in the existing mentality in law enforcement.”

However, he stated that he wants POGO to be outlawed entirely.

“The execution of a policy that is so complex and has so many special provisions or criteria is problematic. It’s possible that both legal and illegal POGOs exist. First, aliens here because of either legal or illegal POGOs, or both, are suspected of committing the crimes, although we are unsure of this, “said Pimentel.

He claimed that this is the cause of law enforcement’s difficulty in preventing crimes connected to POGO.

The congressman also urged the Chinese authorities to stop threatening to jail their citizens who return home after working at a POGO.

This happened after other senators expressed concern over the rise in POGO-related crimes that were occurring across.

Recently, the Chinese government committed to increasing cooperation with the Philippine government in enforcing the law on offenses related to POGO.

Huang Xilian, the Chinese ambassador to the Philippines, stated that the Chinese government “firmly” opposes gambling and employs forceful means to accomplish it.

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