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House leader seeks to increase functional literacy in PH.

According to the House Committee on Basic Education and Culture chairman, the K–12 curriculum will undergo considerable changes with a focus on enhancing functional literacy in the Philippines.

Roman Romulo, a Pasig City representative, stated during a Laging Handa briefing that the current K–12 curriculum is overloaded with learning competencies and emphasized the need to narrow the list to the most crucial.

According to Romulo, the curriculum in Kindergarten and Grades 1 to 3 needs to be reviewed and scaled back to help students build the functional literacy—or practical skill set—necessary to read, write, and utilize math in everyday situations.

“Foundational material, really. This is really important; DepEd and Congress must make sure every student can read, comprehend, and perform basic mathematics, “said he.

“Kailangan po iyong ating siguraduhin na maibahagi sa mga estudyante talagang functional literacy. Grade 1 students are still required to take subjects even though they are not yet ready for them. To ensure that the pupils’ functional literacy is developed, we must ensure that they are in Grade 2 at the very least. Because even in Grade 1, students are overburdened with the material. If they enter Grade 2, they will already be taking eight topics, “Added he.

Romulo stated that modifications in addition to functional literacy must be done to fulfill the K–12 promise of employment upon senior high school graduation.

“Iyong anak namin ay nag-graduate iyong K-12 sa kahit na anong track ay ready na sila na makapagtrabaho at kunin po sila ng mga iba-ibang mga industriya natin, ang sabi po noong ating mga magulang, mga estudyante ay ang sinabi po no However, as stated by the members of the group, “parang iyan naman ang nangyayari,” It is actually what the various students are saying. Kaya doon pa lamang ngayon meron na tayong mga ideas po (Parents and students have been stating that graduates from any track would be ready for work or might be hired by industries since the law on K-12 was implemented in 2013). However, parents assert that it is not happening. Even students make this assertion. We have proposals to solve that, which is why “explained he.

He specifically referred to a plan to establish the Philippine High School for the Creative Arts System to enhance the arts and design track.

“I have a plan for the field of arts and design that I hope the Senate will embrace, and I want to update that curriculum going forward. Because it is so crucial, we already have a plan to (upgrade the) arts and design track. Kasi ang importante po diyan mabigyan po natin talaga ng adequate training iyong ating mga kabataan na gusto po nila sa arts and design. Since we want to update its curriculum, I hope the Senate will also approve it. The importance of providing the young people who desire to pursue arts and design with appropriate instruction) “said he.

He pointed out that during the previous 18th Congress, comparable legislation had been approved by the House of Representatives on the third and final reading.

He presented the idea in front of the panel members, saying, “For the creative arts or arts and design, it is the same recommendation that we construct a particular curriculum for those who aspire to enter the arts and design or the creative arts.”

He claimed that to establish the curriculum and encourage young people to participate in the creative arts system, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts and the Cultural Center of the Philippines should be consulted.

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