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Senator wants fake news publishers to be fined and imprisoned.

To deter people from disseminating false and misleading news online and on social media, Senator Jinggoy Estrada wants fake news distributors to be penalized and imprisoned.

In addition to attempting to amend Section 3 of RA 10175, the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, to include “fake news” in the definition of terms and its inclusion in Section 4 on the list of cybercrime offenses, Senate Bill 1296, or an Act Criminalizing the Creation and Dissemination of Fake News, is being promoted as a defense against online lies and manipulation.

“Click baits, propaganda, and the purposeful online fabrication of lies, false news, or disinformation are so prevalent nowadays. This is too much, Estrada added, making it difficult to discriminate between real news and phony news.

He explained that RA 10175, which criminalizes fake news, is one of the legislative measures intended to curb the spread of false and misleading material on the internet.

According to his idea, fake news is misinformation presented as news, facts, or stories intended to deceive its audience and whose validity cannot be independently verified.

It also includes fabricating and disseminating false information using computers or any other equivalent future technologies.

According to a survey performed by the SWS in December 2021 and published in February of this year, most Filipinos already find it difficult to recognize fake news on radio, television, and social media, Estrada added.

According to the same survey, seven out of ten Filipinos think the issue of fake news and its spread online is very significant.

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