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PUV drivers can now ask for a new fare matrix: LTFRB

As a new fare increase goes into effect on October 3, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) urged public utility vehicle (PUV) operators on Thursday to request an updated fare matrix at a nearby LTFRB office.

The LTFRB stated that posting a tariff matrix inside PUVs is necessary as part of the fare increase order in a Facebook post.

PUV operators need to have their most recent OR/CR (Official Receipt/Certificate of Registration) from the Land Transportation Office, a franchise verification, a copy of their Provisional Authority (PA) (for those without a Certificate of Public Convenience [CPC]), and an official receipt of payment before visiting an LTFRB office.

“LTFRB offices are open to taking requests for fare matrix/guide from Monday through Saturday,” it stated.

PUV operators may go to window 13 or 14 for payment assessment once they arrive at an LTFRB office, pay the fee at the cashier to receive their official receipt of payment, go to window 12 to submit their documentation requirements, and wait for up to two days before receiving their fare matrix or guide at window 11.

The revised fare matrix may be given to PUV operators, but the fare hike won’t go into effect until October 3.

PUV drivers are not permitted to request the new fee while the fare hike is not yet in force, the statement read.

It emphasized the need to adhere to the rules and guidelines outlined in their PA, CPC, and Joint Administrative Order 2014-01 for PUV operators and drivers.

Additionally, it encouraged people to contact the LTFRB’s 24/7 hotline at (1342) with any concerns or questions.

They can also visit the LTFRB’s official website or write a message to the page on Facebook.

Due to the ongoing increase in fuel prices, the LTFRB last week announced a fare increase for classic and contemporary public utility jeepneys, public utility buses, taxis, and transport network vehicle services.

The LTFRB is still debating raising the UV Express unit’s fare.

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