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Experts urge people to take tiny steps to combat climate change.

According to a specialist from the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), the public can reduce the effects of climate change in an easy way.

“To our fellow citizens, we could contribute a little to reducing the effects of climate change. Energy conservation and energy efficiency practices are some of the ways to do this, “Rosalina de Guzman, the head of PAGASA’s Climate Change Data, stated in a press conference.

De Guzman remarked that they could do simple things such as conserving water and mass transport.

“As simple as not throwing the waste about, and recycling, (these) are vital,” she said.

According to forecasts from the agency, the nation’s temperature will rise by four °C by the end of the twenty-first century. Tropical cyclones’ intensity is also projected to grow.

“Based on our forecast, the strength of tropical cyclones would grow in the future. The sea level would likewise rise,” de Guzman continued.

She stated the public needed to participate in climate change projects in their localities actively.

De Guzman urged regional and local governments to fund renewable energy projects.

PAGASA, according to her, is improving its early warning system.

“We are introducing radars to strengthen the warning system and increase the weather forecast. In many parts of the country, we are developing one regional flood forecasting center, “She spoke.

De Guzman reported that PAGASA had been awarded USD 10 million by the Green Climate Fund, which will be put to use for impact-based forecasting and multi-hazard impact-based forecasting in the four project locations of Legazpi, New Bataan, Palo, Leyte, and Tuguegarao.

These locations are vulnerable to climate change impacts, she said.

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