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DOH gives specialized hospitals a higher priority than upgrading specialty care.

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The establishment of specialty hospitals around the nation will not take precedence over access to specialty treatment, the Department of Health (DOH) said to the Senate on Tuesday.

The DOH supports several bills that seek to establish specialty centers in regions to address the gaps in access to specialized care as the majority of specialty hospitals are located in Metro Manila, according to the position paper submitted to the Committee on Health and Demography by Undersecretary Lilibeth David.

David argued, however, that to give access to specialized treatment by 2025, the current DOH institutions need first be modernized.

According to David, the development of the human resources needed to staff these hospitals, as well as a longer timeline and larger budget, are all requirements for the new building of single specialty hospitals.

Therefore, she continued, “we need to prioritize access to specialty care services for our people at the earliest feasible time, even though we anticipate having single specialty hospitals at some point in the future in various locations of the country.

The DOH suggested that agency-run hospitals recognized as specialist care centers should create plans that align with their defined service capability.

According to David, this will open up access to capital outlay investments, other government funding sources, and official development assistance.

She said we must take this action “so that we can schedule the necessary number of specialists and the participation of other agencies in the development and training of health workers.”

The Philippine Health Facility Development Strategy (PHFDP) 2020–2040 includes a development plan for specialty care created by the DOH.

Based on the most prevalent diseases in the nation, existing laws and regulations, and unique needs, sixteen specializations were chosen as key priorities.

According to the Department of Health, a specialty center is “a unit or a department of a hospital that offers specialist care addressing certain illnesses and/or providing specific procedures and management of patients needing specialized training and/or equipment.”

An entire hospital that specializes in a specific disease or condition is referred to as a specialty hospital, on the other hand.

The PHFDP has created 328 specialized centers across various hospitals in all regions’ top priority.

The National Kidney and Transplant Institute, Philippine Children’s Medical Center, Philippine Heart Center, and Lung Center of the Philippines are all Quezon City institutions that have been leaders in developing specialist care.

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is looking to expand the number of specialized hospitals across the nation to better provide healthcare in remote rural areas as he fights for a more robust healthcare system in the face of the epidemic.

“To eliminate the need for individuals to travel to the towns, provinces, and regions’ centers, we will bring the healthcare system closer to the populace. We’ll build clinics and Rural Health Units that will be visited weekly by physicians, nurses, midwives, and medical technicians. Without having to go far, it would be simpler for those who are ill to receive treatment. “In his first State of the Nation Address, delivered in July, he remarked.

A statute that will establish the nation’s first Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a virology center and a vaccine institute was also urged by him on the part of Congress.

The Duterte administration has proposed bills to establish these institutes.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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