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OPS considers taking action against the spread of false information.

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Cheloy Garafil, the officer-in-charge (OIC) of the Office of the Press Secretary (OPS), announced on Wednesday that her office would put many measures in place to combat fake news.

This comes after a private polling organization called Pulse Asia discovered that 90% of Filipinos think fake news is an issue in the country.

Garafil concurred during a press conference held by the palace that spreading false information is a “major” problem that requires attention.

“This is a seryosong bagay that the OPS tututukan, po. At this time, the OPS will concentrate on several programs that will be laid down in the upcoming days. We will set up numerous programs in the coming days),” she said.

Garafil stated that the OPS would take several actions “in the coming days” to stop the propagation of false information.

We’ll let you know since we also want to address the issues with fake news, she added, “since we also want to address the issues with fake news.”

According to a survey conducted by Pulse Asia from September 17 to 21, almost 86 percent of 1,200 adult Filipinos agreed that false news is an issue.

According to Pulse Asia, the sentiment was stronger in Metro Manila (87%) and the rest of Luzon (92%) than in the Visayas (77%) and Mindanao (81%)

Additionally, Classes ABC (87%) and D (93%) expressed the viewpoint more frequently than Class E. (74 percent).

According to Pulse Asia, a “significant majority” cited social media (68%) or television (67%) as their source of bogus news.

The survey found that radio (32%) and friends or acquaintances (28%) made up the second group of bogus news sources.

About 21% of adult Filipinos reported getting phony political news from family or friends.

According to Pulse Asia, 58% believe that “false political news is being distributed throughout the country via social media influencers, bloggers, and/or vloggers.”

Using their voices to “leverage positive communication in stirring the nation towards full recovery and lasting unity,” President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. expressed hope that communication experts would support his administration in its battle against false information and fake news.

The lawyer-turned-journalist Garafil promised on Monday that the OPS would respect “transparency, accuracy, and accountability” in providing and disseminating information on the policies, initiatives, and endeavors of the Marcos administration.

She continued by stating that to keep more Filipinos informed of the government’s goals for the nation, her office seeks larger public participation.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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