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EU, ASEAN, and PH conclude transportation agreements.

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After the Monday 28th Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Transport Ministers Meeting, the Philippines entered the world’s first interregional aviation cooperation agreement and a search and rescue cooperation pact.

The ASEAN-European Union (EU) Comprehensive Air Transport Agreement (CATA) and the ASEAN Agreement on Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue (SAR) Cooperation were signed, with Secretary Jaime Bautista serving as the nation’s representative, according to a press release from the Department of Transportation (DOTr).

The ASEAN-EU CATA, according to Bautista, is “the world’s first block-to-block air transport agreement” and aims to boost connectivity and the 37 ASEAN and EU member nations’ post-pandemic economic recovery.

“The deal will significantly affect trade and tourism between ASEAN and the EU. He added that the pandemic-induced abrupt suspension of aviation connectivity between ASEAN and Europe would also be restored under the Asean-EU CATA.

On the other hand, he said the ASEAN SAR agreement will benefit the Philippines regarding “information exchange and sharing of best practices.”

The ASEAN member states would conduct joint SAR training and exercises, provide various information exchanges, and share best practices in SAR, all of which would boost cooperative efforts in aeronautical and marine SAR operations.

The ASEAN Guidelines on Airport Environmental Management System, the Guiding Principles for the Regulation of Application-based Mobility Services for Passenger Transport in ASEAN, and the Implementation Framework to Enhance Regional Container Circulation were among the other transportation initiatives Bautista pledged the support of the Philippines for at the event.

To maximize the region’s transportation potential, Bautista underlined the Philippines’ role as a “key actor” in Southeast Asian transportation matters.

He shared the promotion and adoption of different measures in aviation safety, air traffic management, consumer protection, and environmental and social issues by the Philippines and the countries of ASEAN and the EU.

The 28th Asean Transport Ministers Meeting got underway on Saturday in Bali, Indonesia, marking the first in-person gathering since the Covid-19 pandemic started.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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