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The firm expects the aviation sector to expand under PBBM.

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According to a full-service legal company, more international companies have shown interest in investing in Philippine engineering and aviation enterprises while President Ferdinand R. Marcos was in office.

Manolito Manalo of Ocampo, Manalo, Valdez, Lim Law Office stressed “the need for a whole of nation approach” in a press conference, citing the necessity of building new airports to complement the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila to prepare the air and sea freight industries for the anticipated growth in business activity.

Although it is challenging to predict the rate of the anticipated expansion in the aviation business, several foreign firms and entities continue to exhibit interest, according to attorney Carlos T. Ocampo.

He stated, “We continue to receive numerous queries from overseas companies looking for information on how to start up in the Philippines. “There was never a downturn in their company during the pandemic.”

He continued by saying that one of the main drivers of the airline business will be the upsurge in leisure travel in the nation.

Juan Victor Valdez, another attorney, pointed out that Manila’s current airport only has room for a single runway and that there is no chance of expanding it because of nearby construction.

Manalo observed that “the shipments are transported into Manila but end up traveling the length of Manila” to reach their final location outside of Manila.

He continued to support the expected expansion of commercial activity over the coming years, a revised transportation infrastructure that integrates trains, seaports, and airports is necessary.

The attorneys continued by saying that they believe the nation’s flight training centers and related businesses have a lot of promise.

“The potential for employment creation is excellent. Manalo remarked that Filipino ground workers are currently in demand, like our mariners.

According to Ocampo, advances in aircraft maintenance innovations and local branches of multinational airlines are also quickly gaining ground.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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