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30K fingerlings are released by BFAR in Pampanga’s IP fishing zones.

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In the mountainous area of Floridablanca town, this province, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources in Central Luzon (BFAR-3) has released over 30,000 tilapia fingerlings along the Camachile River.

The action is a part of the agency’s BASIL program, which attempts to replenish freshwater bodies with fish species including tilapia and carp.

The community stocking effort is one of the interventions that could assist boost the fish supply in the area and improve the lives of the indigenous peoples, according to BFAR-3 Regional Director Wilfredo Cruz in an interview on Wednesday (IPs).

The IPs are typically reliant on the river for their livelihood, therefore the goal is to raise productivity and eventually improve their living conditions, he said.

Cruz, on the other hand, urged the locals to follow legal, ethical, and eco-friendly fishing techniques to ensure that the advantages of water resources are fully realized.

Myrna Manio De Vera, a municipal agriculturalist, complimented the BFAR for consistently assisting the local fishermen.

Along with the fingerlings, the BFAR has been supplying the IPs with gillnets, portable solar lamps, and spearguns as supplementary livelihood interventions.

The least we can do, according to Cruz, is to give them a set of abilities and resources that are appropriate for their needs and culture and that can also help them support their way of life.

In addition to Pampanga, the BFAR-3 distributed fingerling tilapia and bangus fish as well as other livelihood assistance in other areas of the region to ensure that fishermen and their families had a stable source of income.

The BASIL, a five-year initiative that was started in 2017, intends to restore significant inland bodies of water in the nation.

It aims to spread at least 210 million fingerlings around the country in the significant lake and river basins.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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