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Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities

NextGenDay News Magazine – offers users the benefit of Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities. We hope that our plan will suit your needs and serve a specific purpose.

Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities Payment for NextGenDay News Magazine –

Paypal, GCASH, or bank deposit (BPI, Banco de Oro, Metrobank, Security Bank), Western Union money transfer payments are accepted. Annual and monthly subscriptions are handled through:

  • Paypal is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by NextGenDay News Magazine – ).

Advertising and Sponsorship Terms for NextGenDay News Magazine –

You may start or stop your ad at any time. For subscriptions, billing occurs 30 days from your sign-up date. For yearly ads, your ad will run one year from the date of your sign-up. Renewal on a yearly is NOT automated. There are no refunds or pro-rated rates.

Getting Started

Advertising and Sponsorship Inquiries

  • email address : vasocialboost(at)
  • with subject: Advertising for
    Skype: 639179063081 or
  • Please include your advertising and sponsorship budget in your message.

We’ll send you an email requesting your information.

Listing Terms Advertising

Content Changes
If at any time the content of a site submitted to us changes and is found to be inappropriate, falling under the content restriction clause the site link will be removed with no refund.

Content Restrictions
Sites taken may not contain any illegal or adult content such as pornography, warez, hacking, hate content, gambling, or other non-family-friendly content.

Purchase Agreement
You as the buyer agree to be bound by the above stipulations and restrictions. You agree to indemnify us, its sponsors, and associates from any and all damages or legal issues from the result of purchasing advertising to us. We do not guarantee any traffic or search engine placement as a result of Advertising and Sponsorship to us. We reserve the right to reject any site suggestion or link for any reason.


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