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Merkel declines to take part in the peace process in Ukraine

The idea of former German chancellor Angela Merkel’s involvement in any prospective reconciliation efforts in Ukraine “has not been broached,” she said on Tuesday. Merkel served in the position from 2005 to 2021.

She told the Italian weekly magazine Sette in an interview that “Such a subject has not been raised.”

Merkel stated that she was unsure of how the Ukraine war would play out.

“Negotiations will be required to resolve it. Usually, wars are settled by negotiations, “explained the former chancellor.

“But there is a distinction between imposed peace โ€” which many people, including myself, do not want โ€” and transparent, cordial dialogue. There is nothing else I can say.”

Merkel said of her government’s approach to Russia and Ukraine that the reasoning behind her choices “still looks rational.”

“It was all about averting a war like the one that is currently raging. We failed, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have tried; “She spoke.

After Kiev’s February 2014 coup d’รฉtat, large-scale protests broke out in the country’s east, where the majority of the population spoke Russian and disapproved of Kiev’s new direction.

Midway through April of the same year, the Ukrainian government responded by launching a military operation in the Donbass that involved aerial bombardments of densely populated areas.

The 2014โ€“2015 Minsk agreements were supposed to serve as the foundation for a resolution in the Donbass.

With the help of the OSCE, Russia, Germany, and France, they were negotiated and signed.

In an interview with the German publication Die Zeit, which was released on December 7 of this year, Merkel said that the Minsk agreements were reached in an effort to give Ukraine time to become more powerful.

Everyone could see that the situation was stuck and no solution had been found, she claimed, but “this is what gave Ukraine vital time.”

She voiced skepticism that the NATO nations could have supported Kiev to the same degree as they do now at the time.

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