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Chinese tourists will contribute to the economic and cultural revival of the world.

“We are eagerly anticipating the return of the Chinese to our restaurants. We really missed it, “a senior manager of a British restaurant chain named Alix Pickard stated.

Amidst a recent adjustment in its overall Covid-19 approach, China loosened its prohibitions on international travel. The arrival of Chinese tourists again is highly anticipated by officials and industry professionals around the world.

According to experts, the resurgence of Chinese tourists on the global scene will support the global tourism industry’s recovery and advance cross-cultural interactions between China and the rest of the globe.

global welcome

On January 24, 190 tourists from Xiamen arrived at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 by Xiamen Airlines flight MF819, and they were greeted by government representatives in the Philippines.

Before the pandemic, China contributed more than 1.7 million tourists, so their coming represented fresh optimism for the quick revival of the tourism sector.

Given that China is the country that sends the most tourists abroad, Cristina Frasco, the secretary of tourism, said in the presence of Huang Xilian, the ambassador of China to the Philippines, “The arrival of Chinese tourists to the Philippines brings a very positive impact for the prospects of the Philippine tourism industry.”

“We anticipate even more Chinese visitors, which will significantly aid us in our efforts to transform and recover the tourism industry as our intention is not just to regain but to surpass our pre-pandemic numbers knowing how the relationship between the Philippines and China will only further improve in the years to come with the stance of both our governments,” she added.

Customers were putting their Spring Festival wishes on a recently built wishing tree at the Chinese restaurant Hakkasan in London.

A special menu honoring the Year of the Rabbit, the Chinese zodiac animal that symbolizes the year 2023, has been introduced at the restaurant, like many others around the globe.

Such a joyous scenario can be seen at many hotels, eateries, shopping centers, and tourist destinations throughout the world that have introduced goods and services with Chinese components in an effort to draw Chinese tourists and ease their travels.

A sea of red lamps surrounds the entrance to the Shangri-La Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey, where a huge bunny greets guests.

According to Ioanna Papadopoulou, director of communications and marketing at Athens International Airport, the authorities in Greece have set up a “Chinese-ready” airport to give visitors from China a sense of familiarity.

Chinese-speaking virtual assistants are available to give visitors information in their own tongue, and Chinese clients can pay in the duty-free stores at the airport using any of their home country’s payment methods.

After being absent from the international tourism market for three years, tourism officials and industry experts are anticipating the early arrival of a large number of Chinese tourists.

“We would like to welcome you back as soon as possible,” Flemming Bruhn, director of VisitDenmark, the Danish government-run tourism organization, told Xinhua. “We greatly missed the Chinese tourists over the last three years.”

Before the pandemic, one of Pickard’s biggest joys was to watch her restaurants crowded with Chinese visitors in the afternoon. Her company runs four restaurants in London.

The Tao Group Hospitality head of marketing stated, “We’ve really missed that.” It’s wonderful to see everyone returning; it makes us so happy.

a wonderful experience

When she saw the 200 meters of Yaowarat road suddenly lit up, the small daughter of Liu Lingling, a Chinese tourist in Thailand, yelled in the excitement in Bangkok’s Chinatown.

A 45-meter-long light tunnel and lanterns in a variety of forms were placed along the route, where many Chinese descendants congregate to reside and conduct business, to mark the beginning of the Chinese New Year.

Since the pandemic broke out three years ago, Liu and her family, who are from Wuhan in central China, have not been outside of their home country.

We are thrilled and joyful because this is our first international travel since the pandemic’s breakout, Liu remarked. “Despite being in Bangkok, we can still experience the spirit of Spring Festival.”

Yan Jian, a tourist from China visiting Turkey, told Xinhua how much he enjoyed exploring Istanbul, the largest city in the country and a popular tourism destination.

“Since I haven’t traveled for the past three years, this year’s trip overseas seems wonderful. The experience is excellent here, “added Yan. The locals are really friendly, the cuisine is excellent, and the scenery is breathtaking.

Similar to Liu and Yan, many Chinese tourists made their first cross-border journeys after the pandemic and were pleasantly surprised by the kind greetings from residents, the vibrant celebratory atmosphere, and the extensive assistance.

After China’s Covid-19 response shift, the renowned resort island of Bali in Indonesia recently welcomed the first group of Chinese tourists who arrived by charter airplane.

Local songs and dances as well as the lion dance, a customary Chinese performance generally presented during the Spring Festival, were performed to welcome the Chinese.

The governor of Bali presented a flower garland to one of the tourists, which is a customary welcome gift for distinguished visitors.

Visitors to Labuan Bajo, an Indonesian town, were enveloped in the celebratory mood of Spring Festival thanks to the hotels’ installation of Chinese-style décor and the introduction of special menus featuring Chinese food.

“It surprises me that I could eat Chinese food while listening to a musician performing Chinese holiday music on a local instrument at my hotel. I truly felt at home here “said Yang Miao, a visitor from Jiangsu province in east China.

Fu Bo, a Beijing-born Chinese visitor who was interested in ancient Egyptian culture, was astounded by the Egyptians’ kindness and politeness while he was there.

Fu commented on the reception held by the Chinese embassy and the Egyptian government at Cairo International Airport: “The Egyptians are normally courteous to Chinese tourists; they even greet us in Chinese.”

He said that because Egypt adopted a policy requiring Chinese travelers to obtain visas upon arrival, and because there is “no issue in customs clearance,” entering the country was rather easy.

financial boost

Bans on travel since 2020 have severely hurt the livelihood of Farag Mohammed, an Egyptian camel breeder who lives close to the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Mohammed, who earns a living by giving visitors rides on camels, has been suffering for the past three years to support his family and feed his camels.

The 27-year-old camel breeder hopes that the return of Chinese tourists would increase his sales and make his life simpler in the future.

Chinese people enjoy taking camel rides for sightseeing, according to Mohammed. “I enjoy Chinese visitors,”

For many people like Mohammed who work in the tourism-related industries, the last three years have been challenging, but some have already noticed a positive turnaround as the number of their Chinese customers started to increase this year.

“Sales have already improved significantly since last year. I’m overjoyed and appreciative. I’m hoping my luck will continue, “said Jelita Riyadi, a business owner in Jakarta’s renowned Glodok, a Chinatown in Indonesia.

Chinese people celebrating the Spring Festival have been frequenting her stall for the past few days where she sells red envelopes, apparel, and decorations with the image of the rabbit.

According to research provided by Ctrip, China’s top online travel service, the number of reservations for outbound travel from China during this week-long holiday increased by five times compared to the same period last year.

According to the survey, the value of each cross-border booking climbed by an average of 32% annually.

China’s top travel destinations include Australia, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, and Indonesia.

Bangkok bookings increased more than ten times year over year.

The reintroduction of outbound tourism by China, which was once a significant source of income for many economies highly dependent on tourism, was claimed to significantly speed up the sector’s resuscitation and foster cross-cultural interactions on a global scale.

According to Irfan Karsli, head of the Ligarba Travel Agency in Istanbul, Chinese tourists are highly valued by all economies because of their size and significant purchasing power and actively participate in both shopping and cultural trips.

“The steady economic growth and greater opening-up of China are crucial for the recovery of the world economy. The long-awaited return of Chinese tourists has given the tourism sector in Thailand and other nations across the world optimism for recovery “Wichai Kinchong Choi, senior vice president of Kasikornbank, a major Thai bank, stated.

Short-haul regional demand from China to countries like Thailand and Vietnam will substantially increase in the second half of the year, according to John Grant, an analyst at the global travel data supplier OAG. Growth in Europe and North America will follow.

Vassilis Kikilias, the minister of tourism for Greece, believes that the reopening of the Chinese market is also about fostering cross-cultural understanding because Chinese visitors are “very interested in learning about Greek culture and civilization.”

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