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Mega Lotto draws on February 27 resulting in 3 millionaires.

In two different lotto draws on Monday, three gamblers won the jackpot rewards, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) announced on Tuesday.

According to a PCSO recommendation, a gambler correctly predicted the winning combination for the Grand Lotto 6/55 draw, which had a total prize of PHP75,248,476: 09-08-05-01-30-52.

The purchase of ticket was made in Novaliches, Quezon City.

34 additional bettors won PHP100,000 each for correctly predicting five out of the six winning combinations, according to the PCSO.

Approximately 1,764 gamblers received PHP1,500 each for obtaining four winning combinations, while 29,952 gamblers received PHP60 each for correctly predicting three combinations.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, the Grand Lotto is drawn.

In the meantime, two gamblers from San Pablo, Laguna correctly predicted the winning Mega Lotto 6/45 combination as 25-04-11-35-15-09. The PHP11,631,365 total award will be divided between them.

A total of 57 bettors received PHP32,000 each for correctly predicting five out of the six winning digits; 2,190 received PHP1,000 each for correctly predicting four digits; and 28,174 were content with PHP30 each for correctly predicting three digits.

Draw days for the Mega Lotto 6/45 are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The bettor must submit the winning ticket and two ID cards at PCSO’s main office in Mandaluyong City in order to collect the payout.

The Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion law stipulates that lottery prizes over PHP10,000 will be subject to a final tax of 20%.

Prizes that are not claimed within a year are forfeited.

Furthermore, the PCSO main office recently received claims from two bettors who won the jackpots in two different draws.

A retired seaman from Negros Occidental who was one of the two fortunate winners of the MegaLotto 6/45 drawing on February 1 collected half of the PHP73.4 million jackpot prize he won with his winning combination 37-29-42-21-27-05, according to a statement from the PCSO on Tuesday.

The winning combination came from a bingo draw, according to the winner, who has been a devoted player of lotto games since 2003.

“I have been playing the lottery for twenty years. The number that is displayed is dalawang taon ng alaga for me. Bingo numbers are what I was thinking of when I said that. When I regularly use an animated number and this is the case when I play the lottery, my winning numbers are 1 to 45 on an isang bote. I’ve been playing the lottery for 20 years; thank you for your support. Two years ago, I bet on an identical set of numbers. Before, I considered purchasing the numbers from Bingo. I chose six numbers from a bottle with the numbers 1 through 45, and every time I wager on the lottery, those are the results I got. I was fortunate to acquire the lucky numbers, thank God, he said.

He intends to launch his own company in Negros Occidental and put some of the money he wins aside in a bank for his family’s future.

The jackpot prize of PHP5.9 million from the Lotto 6/42 draw on February 2 was claimed by a 62-year-old retired government worker from the province of Isabela.

The winning number combination was selected by the winner by using the birthdates of his parents and children: 02-27-16-29-04-19. The winner purchased his ticket at a lottery store in Tumauini, Isabela.

“My goal is to support my family’s upbringing so that my children can have a bright future,” I said. Since this is where I stand and where I was negotiating for my children’s education so that they would have a brighter future, I wanted to try my hand at a business that might involve farming. While farming is my love and a lucrative industry in our province, I also want to try my hand at it.

He also lauded PCSO’s charitable endeavors.

“Pamilyar po ako sa mga programa ng PCSO at nagpapasalamat po ako dahil napakadami ng mga natutulungan ng inyong ahensiya at dahil na yung mga may sakit ng cancer pati yung mga dialysis patients, at the same time na. I am thankful for PCSO because I am aware of its programs and know how many individuals it serves, notably cancer patients and dialysis patients. PCSO, long live.”

Each of the victors urged people to keep attending PCSO games.

On the PCSO Official Website, PCSO Facebook Page, and PCSO GOV Channel on YouTube, you may view lottery results as well as other information on the PCSO games, products, and services.

To raise more money for health initiatives, medical support and services, and charitable organizations, the PCSO is pleading with the public to play its games.

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