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Border control is being considered in Negros Oriental as HFMD cases reach 156.

A health official reported on Saturday that Negros Oriental has recorded 156 cases of hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD), with the majority of victims being young children.

Dr. Liland Estacion, acting provincial health officer, stated that various regions of the province were keeping an eye on the HFMD cases.

According to the most recent morbidity weekly data, “the majority of individuals affected by this infectious disease are youngsters aged 1 to 10, comprising roughly 90% of the total cases.”

Estacion recommended parents remind their children to wash their hands before eating because the illness can spread quickly to children, especially now that face-to-face sessions have resumed.

The typical treatment for symptoms, which includes giving analgesics to individuals who have fevers, can usually resolve the cases within 7 to 10 days.

She emphasized that isolation is still another method for preventing transmission.

The PHO will use school nurses and launch significant communication campaigns to warn the public about HFMD.

When HMFD instances exploded in Negros Occidental in recent weeks, Estacion declared that she would speak with Governor Roel Degamo about the potential of protecting or strengthening the borders of Negros Oriental.

According to media sources, instances on the other side of the island increased by 6,300%, prompting officials to urge for the outbreak to be declared.

Symptoms of HFMD include fever, sore throat, and mouth, hand, and foot blisters.

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