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DOH directs a vaccination campaign in schools to prevent cervical cancer.

To protect students from cervical cancer, the Department of Health (DOH) and other partners launched a school-based vaccination and education campaign against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection on Friday.

“Sa HPV vaccine, cervical cancer-free ang future natin!” is the program’s slogan, and it is run by DOH Undersecretary Enrique “Eric” Tayag. was held in Cagayan National High School’s (CNHS) Mamba Gym, and over 700 people attended.

In the course of the program, 150 CNHS students received HPV vaccinations.

According to Tayag, the school-based immunization program will shield students from contracting the Human Papillomavirus. Cervical cancer is still the second most frequent cancer in women, with a predicted yearly incidence of 7,277 new cases and 3,807 fatalities nationwide.

According to him, high-risk HPV infection, a common virus predominantly spread through sexual contact, has been related to nearly 99 percent of cervical cancer cases.

Even though 90% of HPV infections are asymptomatic and eventually go away, persistent HPV infections can lead to cervical cancer in females.

According to the World Health Organization, less than one in ten of the girls in the Philippines who were targeted for HPV vaccination have gotten all of the recommended doses.

The Philippines might eradicate cervical cancer by 2064 by coordinating coordinated efforts across the three pillars of HPV vaccine, screening, and treatment.

“Although these figures are concerning, there is still cause for optimism because cervical cancer is one of the diseases that is most easily prevented by vaccination. And if the world is to completely eradicate cervical cancer by the year 2030, every nation must cooperate in vaccinating 90 percent of girls against HPV before the age of 15. “Countries will be able to achieve this worldwide target through enforcing school-based immunization programs,” Tayag said.

He advised kids to contact their school nurses and other designated focal persons about the DOH’s school-based HPV immunization program in addition to learning more about HPV and how to avoid HPV infection through vaccination.

Together, let’s emphasize how important immunization is as a fundamental right of every kid and how it may help them move toward a healthier and better future.

For the 150 kids who were first immunized under the initiative, each learner will receive the vaccination twice: in February and in September.

The health department has obtained 1.2 million doses of the HPV vaccine for Academic Year 2022-2023, which will help 600,000 pupils worldwide.

The DOH has purchased 50,000 doses of the HPV vaccination specifically for the Cagayan Valley, immunizing 25,000 local students.

The “Health shield”

Through the “Kalasag ng Kalusugan” commitment exercise, representatives of many stakeholder organizations also affirmed their commitment to supporting public health in the future.

The combined effort of the local and federal governments to improve the public’s health shield through immunization is symbolized by the term “Kalasag ng Kalusugan,” which translates to “health shield.”

Education City Superintendent Reynante Caliguiran said the event is in line with DepEd Memorandum 173, or the “Inclusion of the Human Papilloma Virus Vaccination in School-Based Immunization Program (SBIP)” in the multi-stakeholder collaboration with the Department of Education (DepEd), international health care MSD-Philippines, the city government of Tuguegarao, and the provincial government of Cagayan.

The SBIP is a measure to safeguard school-age children against diseases that can be prevented by vaccination.

In order to protect kids from HPV infection and lower their chances for cervical cancer and other diseases caused by HPV, Caliguiran noted that it is both timely and prudent to reinstate the school-based HPV vaccination program now that face-to-face classes are back in session across the country.

In addition to setting aside funding to support the national government in its vaccination effort, Mayor Maila Ting-Que stated that the city administration will frequently promote vaccinations in communities and schools in support of the health department’s initiative.

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