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Philippine Marketing Association Elevates Sustainability with PMA RAMP Fashion Show and Charity Auction Ball!

Prepare for a transformative experience as the PMA RAMP Fashion Show and Charity Auction Ball redefine fashion events, showcasing sustainable brands and fostering community engagement for a better world.


Philippine Marketing Association Strengthens Its Thrust on Sustainability Marketing with PMA RAMP Fashion Show and Charity Auction Ball

MANILA – The Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) reaffirmed its dedication to sustainable marketing by hosting the PMA RAMP Fashion Show and Charity Auction Ball at Sheraton Collab, Newport World Resorts Manila, marking its 70th-anniversary milestone fundraiser event.

The event spotlighted eco-friendly fashion, echoing PMA’s year-long focus on “SustAInability Marketing.” This theme advocates for green marketing campaigns rooted in circular economy principles and integrated with artificial intelligence. 

In collaboration with sustainability advocate Ms. Tati Fortuna, President of Ucycle, the fashion show showcased designs by esteemed PMA members, including past presidents and community leaders. These designs emphasized the organization’s focus on maximizing resource utilization, reducing waste, and prolonging product lifespans.

The evening also featured a Charity Auction Ball

Presenting donated luxury items, artworks, and collectibles. Notable highlights included exquisite gowns by renowned fashion designers such as Michael Cinco, featuring Pia Wurtzbach’s iconic dress, among others from Hollywood celebrities. Artworks by BenCab were also up for auction, all in support of the association’s initiatives aimed at bolstering PMA’s community outreach, educational programs, and industry events.

Percentage of the proceeds from the auction will benefit the Upskills+ Foundation, Inc., aiding communities in severe poverty through employment and income generation via community-managed microenterprises that promote circular and sustainability practices, as well as the Betis Symphonic Band 46, offering musical training and international competition opportunities to youth. 

“As we celebrate 70 years of advancing marketing excellence, the PMA is proud to spearhead a move towards a more sustainable future,” stated PMA President Kathy Mercado. “This year’s PMA RAMP Fashion Show and Charity Auction Ball not only exemplify our commitment to responsible marketing but also strengthen our efforts to support the community and foster meaningful causes. With a focus on educating and inspiring our members and stakeholders to embrace sustainable practices, this event also serves as a celebration of sustainability, innovation, and camaraderie as we look forward to another decade of making a difference.”

The PMA RAMP Fashion Show and Charity Auction Ball was supported by Aseana Holdings, Newport World Resorts, Sheraton Manila Hotel, Grandhope Travel, with event partners, Tati Fortuna of Ucycle, Emperador Distillers as bar host,Forex Cargo Guam for Sitti Navarro’s Performance, Betis Symphonic Band 46, Reyes Haircutters, hosted by RJ Ledesma. Creative and agency partners include, AQAdvertising, Shoppertainment Live, Globaltronics LEDs, Philippine Business Coalition for Women Empowerment, Pool Party Creatives, United Neon, along with Uniquecorn Strategies as its official PR partner. This collaboration highlighted their commitment to sustainability and community support.

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Founded in 1954, the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) is the premier marketing association in the Philippines, dedicated to promoting excellence and ethics among marketing professionals. 

PMA stands as a strong pillar of support and source of direction for marketers in the Philippines and across the region, pushing for excellence and unparalleled service to the marketing and business community.

Engaged in various educational programs and networking events, PMA continues to be the cornerstone of innovation and leadership in the marketing field.


The Philippine Marketing Association’s commitment to sustainability marketing is exemplified through its groundbreaking initiatives like the PMA RAMP Fashion Show and Charity Auction Ball. By uniting fashion, philanthropy, and marketing, this event showcases the power of industry collaboration in driving positive change toward a more sustainable future. As the PMA continues to spearhead such impactful endeavors, it sets a precedent for the industry to follow, emphasizing the importance of social responsibility and community engagement in marketing practices.

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