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105K potential 4Ps recipients in Bicol are verified by DSWD

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Almost 105,000 families who may be eligible for the government’s Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program are now being validated by the Department of Social Welfare and Development in Bicol (DSWD-5) (4Ps).

The validation will be carried out until March 3, according to Mabelle Marco, DSWD-5 information officer for 4Ps, in an interview on Monday.

“To ensure that the qualifying low-income households are considered for benefits, validation is being done. During community gatherings and house-to-house validations, the potential households will experience a full validation and assessment “explained Marco.

In order for the general public to assist in determining if the listed names are qualified, she noted that a list of poor homes is displayed at barangay halls and native or tribal communities.

“Furthermore, there are grievance desks where people may file complaints if they believe that names of possible 4Ps beneficiaries are listed yet are ineligible. These new prospective recipients will take the place of the old members who have already graduated, “Marco remarked.

Marriage certificates, birth certificates, baptismal certificates, school Form 137s, and residence certificates are a few of the documents 4Ps candidates need to provide for validation and registration.

According to Marco, 4Ps grant recipients are obliged to participate in a monthly Family Development Session (FDS), where they learn about the program, self-awareness, parenting responsibility, how to get involved in the community, disaster preparedness, and other issues pertinent to their needs.

“Furthermore, they receive guidance through 4Ps Kilos Unlad Social Case Management, which helps the recipient practice finding solutions to issues relating to their families, relationships, way of life, and other areas. The program undertakes social welfare development initiatives (SWDI) every year to gauge the recipients’ degree of well-being “She spoke.

As a result of being lifted out of poverty, Marco claimed that individuals who complete the program are a testament to its success.

However, some 4Ps recipients are dropped from the list for a variety of reasons, including failing to adhere to the program’s requirements, repeatedly being found to be drunk or gambling addicts, using illegal drugs, or mortgaging their ATM cash cards, among others.

According to Marco, 370,180 Bicolano families are 4Ps beneficiaries as per the November 2022 report.

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Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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