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Bahraini employment providers promise to safeguard OFWs, claims Solon

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According to Ron Salo of the Kabayan Party list, foreign recruitment agencies in Bahrain have pledged to secure the safety of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in the Gulf nation.

Salo, the head of the House Committee on Overseas Workers Affairs, said in a press release that he received assurances from foreign employment agencies during a meeting while visiting Bahrain from March 11 to 15 to attend the 146th Interparliamentary Union Assembly (IPU) in Manama.

Salo stated, “I reminded the recruitment firms to make sure our OFWs are protected. In return, they promised to interview potential hires and examine their employers’ backgrounds.

Salo was reportedly asked by the agencies to make sure that Filipino home service workers (HSW) are well briefed before deployment.

He added, “I was also requested to see to it that our HSWs are adequately briefed on Bahrain’s laws, culture, and traditions prior to deployment and that they are equipped with the necessary skills for their positions.

They may be confident that we will remind the private recruitment firms in the Philippines to properly brief and train our OFWs before sending them, according to Salo.

Salo urged for the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS), which is required of all Filipinos traveling to work overseas, to be strengthened in light of this.

Bahrain has no distressed OFWs.

Salo, meanwhile, expressed happiness about the state of our OFWs in the Gulf state.

“We are pleased to report that during our tour, there were no homeless and distraught OFWs in Bahrain who required shelter in the Bahay Kalinga. This is a positive indication that our OFWs are well-cared for in Bahrain, according to Salo.

He also made time to visit with Bahrain’s Filipino population in consultation talks, where he was cordially welcomed by Ambassador Anne Jalando-On Louis and Labor Attaché Vicente Cabe.

“It is a privilege for me to visit our Kabayans in Bahrain and hear about their experiences, “said Salo. “Their tenacity and diligence are impressive. As the chair of the Committee on Overseas Workers Affairs, I will fight to ensure that their protection and well-being are given first priority.

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