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To stop the spread of African swine disease, Iloilo turns to hog farms.

The Office of the Provincial Veterinarian chose to vigorously implement their preventive program down to the farm level, which has improved the preparedness of hog farmers in Iloilo to combat the spread of African swine fever (ASF).

“ASF population control and depopulation are ineffective. In an interview on Monday, Provincial Veterinarian Dr. Darel Tabuada stated, “We are establishing biosecurity at the agricultural level.

According to Tabuada, farmers now understand how to deal with the ASF and how to safeguard their pigs, and she added that biosecurity is the only solution.

Animal-proofing the pig pen and providing a footbath are two of the most efficient biosecurity measures to ensure that the virus cannot enter the farm.

The pig pen must be enclosed by a fence that prevents animals like dogs, cats, and even birds from entering as part of the animal-proofing process.

Only during feeding and cleaning times, and then only after having a bath and changing into new clothing, is the owner permitted to enter the pig pen.

You can only enter the pig pen to clean it and feed the animals, he explained.

The province has also acquired and stocked up on disinfectants from donors to supplement those given to farmers, Tabuada continued.

In addition to disinfectants, agriculture technicians regularly visit farms to monitor conditions.

The province is currently focusing on the approval of hog farmers for financial help and newly affected areas. As a result, the public, once their municipality is tagged for ASF, no longer panics, unlike before, Tabuada stated.

“According to Governor Arthur Defensor Jr.’s directive, we must coexist with the ASF because it is already present. The majority of the province is impacted, he claimed.

According to the Office of the Provincial Veterinarian’s report, as of March 24, the ASF in 24 local government units in Iloilo had been observed in 119 barangays.

According to the provincial veterinarian, farmers whose hogs were deliberately depopulated or voluntarily depopulated their swine in the presence of the municipal or provincial veterinary office are eligible for financial assistance under Executive Order 545 series of 2022, which was issued by Defensor and contains the province’s ASF prevention, containment, depopulation, and recovery measures.

Farmers in the towns of Oton, San Miguel, Alimodian, Leganes, Mina, New Lucena, Sta. Barbara, Barotac Nuevo, Barotac Viejo, Pototan, Janiuay, and New Lucena had received cash assistance of about PHP6.061 million as of March 23.

For the benefit of the impacted farmers from San Dionisio, Batad, and Leganes, an additional PHP6.21 million is being processed.

The help per impacted hog farmer ranges from PHP7,000 to PHP30,000.

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