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Romualdez requests a simpler SIM registration process

On Friday, Speaker Ferdinand Martin G. Romualdez urged the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), and the three telecommunications companies (telcos) to develop a simpler, more practical, and quicker method of registering subscriber identity modules (SIMs).

In a statement, Romualdez commended President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. for extending the deadline for registering SIM cards for the millions of people who had not done so. He also suggested that the country’s mobile service providers make certain changes.

“Let’s assist the millions of Filipinos who own smartphones but haven’t registered their SIM cards as the law requires. He remarked, let’s make it simpler for them to benefit from President Marcos’ 90-day registration extension.

Let’s help Filipino employees abroad and their families register, in particular. Their primary methods of communication and connection are their cell phones. The idea that they could instantaneously make audio-video calls with their loved ones lessens the anguish of being hundreds of miles away from home, according to Romualdez.

Additionally, he requested assistance from the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) and the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) in informing OFWs and their families of the registration requirements through the DICT, NTC, and telcos.

“I suspect the registration requirement is challenging for OFW families living in the provinces. Some people might not even be aware of it, Romualdez said.

The Speaker assumes that because of the ease of obtaining them, many OFWs and their family back home utilize unlisted prepaid SIMs.

The House leader commended telcos for providing registration assistance and mechanisms for their postpaid and prepaid SIM users to list up but urged them “to go the extra mile in seeking out people who have bought and used their SIMs and help them to register so they would be able to continue using their cell phone service.”

“That is financially advantageous to the telcos,” Romualdez remarked.

Approximately 82.8 million SIM owners had registered as of April 23, three days before the President extended the original April 26 registration deadline.

39.9 million of the 82.8 million registrants chose Smart Communications, 37.09 million chose Globe Telecom, and 5.79 million chose DITO Telecommunity Corp.

According to statistics, the three carriers have sold between 165 million and 170 million SIM cards overall.

Speaker Romualdez urged the telcos to disclose the number of postpaid mobile phone subscribers and the total number of active unlisted SIM cards they had sold.

He said that carriers should filter their data by removing inactive SIMs. “Their combined data should give us, the public, an idea of how many SIMs, postpaid and prepaid, need to be registered,” he said.

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