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Marcos pledges to improve work quality in PH.

The administration is working to improve the employment standard in the Philippines so that Filipinos won’t always be forced to leave the country for work. This assurance comes from President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.

Marcos thanked the overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) for “keeping the Philippines afloat” throughout the epidemic and for their contribution to the country’s economic expansion during his visit to the Filipino community on Monday (local time) in Washington, D.C.

“Ang bumuhay talaga sa ekonomiya ng Pilipinas at noong pandemya ay mga OFW. At Kayat… If not for you, the Philippines would undoubtedly have had greater economic growth during the pandemic; therefore a heartfelt thank you from all of us. We thank you very much because the Philippines would have difficulty recovering without you,” stated Marcos.

In exchange, the government will see to the welfare and protection of OFWs, according to Marcos.

What we will give in return is that we will work hard to ensure the welfare of all Filipinos, not just those in the Philippines but also those in other parts of the world, he said. “Ang aming isusukli po sa inyo ay lahat ng trabaho po namin para asikasuhin ang kalagayan ng lahat ng ating mga kababayan,” he said.

The President urged Filipino Americans to encourage their kids and grandkids to travel to the Philippines to experience firsthand the depth of Philippine history and culture.

“Let them experience the Philippines, our culture, and our history for themselves. I do not doubt that the first, second, and third generations of Filipino-Americans will be overjoyed to discover their illustrious Philippine lineage. We will be able to welcome you back to the Philippines sooner or later, especially those who have regained their citizenship, he added.

The US President Joseph Biden, whom the Chief Executive congratulated for welcoming Filipinos and giving them opportunities to succeed, was also cited about their recent meeting.

“Kasama ko po ang ating mga members of the Cabinet to ipagtibay ang ating pagkakaibigan in America, the United States, and the Philippines… To strengthen the friendship between the United States and the Philippines, I was with the members of the Cabinet. I expressed my gratitude to them by saying, “Nagpasalamat po sa usapan namin” because of the Philippine people’s long history of ties to America. During our conversation, I commended the US for inviting Filipinos into their country, and all of them are now leading better lives, he stated.

On May 1, the Philippines observed Labor Day, and Marcos Jr. declared that the administration is “working diligently” to create possibilities to improve Filipino workers and their families’ social and economic standing.

The workers were honored by Marcos, who called them “essential to the sustenance of our soaring economy.”

Because of this, Marcos added, “We work hard to address the needs and worries of our employees and to give them better opportunities so that they are equipped to their full potential as active participants in nation-building.”

He continued, “I praise our employees for their unflinching commitment and sacrifice in their different sectors and for their tremendous contribution to our country’s progress on behalf of our thankful Filipino people.

To guarantee the sustainability of jobs, secure the livelihood of workers, and maintain the productivity of the Philippine economy, the president asked the private sector to collaborate with the government in “building on the gains” of good governance and labor reform programs.

“I am confident that we can usher in a more equitable and prosperous future for all if we all band together and work together with renewed hope, vigor, and enthusiasm in our respective fields, industries, and endeavors,” Marcos remarked.

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