June 29, 2021

Villagers in Tacloban have been urged to impose a visitation restriction during the festival

The municipal administration in this city has asked village authorities to assist in imposing tight mobility restrictions on Wednesday, when the city will celebrate its annual fiesta celebration.

Village authorities should be serious about enforcing the no visitor rule, according to Mayor Alfred Romualdez, who stated this week that individuals from outside the city are anticipated to visit the houses of their friends and family on June 29 and 30.

For the purpose of preventing the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) infections, it is requested that villages in the city impose penalties on individuals who welcome visitors from beyond their village. The sum varies from village to village, but in most cases, offenders will be subject to a PHP2,000 punishment.

Despite the fact that there will be no lockdown in the city, we have already canceled all customary events associated with the fiesta festivities in order to dissuade huge gatherings,” said the mayor. ”We want to put a halt to the spike in coronavirus illness cases that have been reported in the city,” the mayor stated in a statement.

When police officers and traffic enforcers manning checkpoints along the city’s border with Mexico, the mayor ordered them to conduct background checks on all people entering the city to ensure that those who would be allowed to enter the city are those who require access to essential transactions and services.

It is prohibited to conduct the Sangyaw Festival’s Parade of Lights, which is traditionally held a day before the annual fiesta, as well as other activities.

The local government has granted permission for a variety of religious events to take place within churches, as long as they meet basic health requirements.

Churchgoers are urged to clean their hands on a regular basis, avoid contact with others, perform their responsibilities, and dedicate their lives to Sto. Nino, the patron saint of the city.

According to municipal records as of June 28, there have already been 3,801 cases reported, with 3,160 recoveries, 520 ongoing cases, and 82 fatalities among them.

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