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Antique coffee farmers may expect a promising revenue from their “excellent” coffee crop

Antiqueño coffee farmers may look forward to a promising profit in the future as their robusta coffee product received the highest rating of “fine” grade in the 2021 Philippine Coffee Quality Competition (PCQC).

During an interview on Thursday, Alejandro Gonzaga, the president of the Calu-oy-Tula-tula Sikap Organization, which is located in Barangay Calu-oy in the Municipality of Sibalom and produces fine grade coffee, stated that the fine grade was the best available.

He said that the certification is highly sought after since their product was only recognized as premium the previous year.

In a phone conversation, Jairus Serui, the coffee coordinator of the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Unit in Western Visayas (DA RFU 6) said that the “fine grade” designation indicates that the coffee beans are of very high quality.

“There are no faults in the coffee beans,” he said, going on to clarify that the beans had not been harmed by any insect infestation.

Gonzaga claims that its coffee beans are organic, and that at harvest time, they laboriously sift through the beans to remove those that have spots on them due to insect infestation.

In addition, he said that they do not utilize fertilizer in their coffee production.

Their goods will demand a higher price in the market as a result of the fine grade categorization, and they will have a greater number of prospective customers.

When he explained that before, premium coffee beans were sold at a price ranging from PHP120 to PHP180 per kilogram, he stated that excellent coffee might be sold at a price ranging from PHP190 to PHP200 per kilogram or even more.

He claims that they now provide beans to ten coffee shops in Antique and Iloilo City, respectively.

They also manufacture processed coffee utilizing the Shared Service Facility (SSF) equipment provided by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), in addition to coffee beans, Magno said.

“We may get equipment such as roasting and drying machines, as well as a sorting table, via the SSF,” he said.

He said that they are selling 200 grams of processed coffee for PHP50 and 100 grams for PHP100 for their processed coffee.

The organization of coffee farmers in Sibalom, which has 300 members, has 400 hectares under cultivation in the barangays of Calu-oy, Tula-tula, and Bulalacao.

He said that, in addition to selling coffee beans, the members are also given with jobs.

“Every month, our members are able to work at our processing facility for a charge of PHP150 per day with free meals for a group of 15 people on a rotating basis,” he said.

He said that the members are assisting with the packing of the beans or the processing of their coffee, as well as other tasks necessary for their business.

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