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The private sector is urging the government to allow vax orders to be used as a booster dose.

26 private-sector organizations have petitioned the government to allow them to use the vaccines they purchased as booster shots for their employees and family members.

The private sector said in a joint statement on Tuesday that “vaccines are arriving faster than they can be dispensed,” and that it cannot risk having its purchased vaccines expire and go to waste.

Since last year, the private sector has been actively purchasing coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) vaccines to aid the government’s vaccination efforts.

“We fully understand the need to prioritize certain sectors when vaccines are scarce,” the groups said, “but the government has announced that its vaccine stockpile has now reached close to 60 million and is continuing to grow as vaccines arrive faster than they can be dispensed.”

They claimed that the country no longer has a vaccine shortage and that there is now a large supply, so the vaccines they bought could now be used as booster shots for their employees and dependents.

The private groups have also recognized that the high vaccination rate in Metro Manila and nearby provinces, as well as the rising inoculation rate across the country, has resulted in a dramatic drop in cases following the August surge caused by Delta variant threats.

The increased vaccination campaign has also allowed the economy to reopen safely.

“However, studies show that Covid vaccine efficacy wanes after six months, and without boosters, we risk another surge that could shut down the economy,” the organizations added.

Priority groups A1 to A3, or health workers, senior citizens, and those with comorbidities are now eligible for booster shots.

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