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The mayor of Cebu City will meet with telco executives to discuss the slow reconnection.

Mayor Michael Rama said on Wednesday that he wants to meet with officials from the two main internet providers to secure their commitment to restoring access as communications services remain unreliable.

“After my chat with them, I’ll be fair enough… During a news conference, Rama added, “I want to see the data (of telecom reconnections) in the 80 barangays.”

Since the onslaught of Typhoon Odette in December last year, he has received several complaints from all sectors about the sluggish restoration of internet service.

The firms agreed to restore interconnectivity by the end of January in a prior meeting with representatives from Globe Telecom and Smart-PLDT.

However, the mayor noted that many of the 80 barangays in the area that had had power restored following a large clean-up operation of fallen trees, poles, structures, wires, and rubbish in the aftermath of “Odette” still lack internet access.

Aside from the capital city, many areas in Metro Cebu still have slow or no internet service, both wired and wireless.

In some barangays in this city, as well as in surrounding towns where their cell sites were impacted by the typhoon, Globe Telecom issued alerts about their restoration efforts.

Following calls for updates from netizens, Smart and PLDT have recently become more active in their advisories on the progress of their restoration activities.

Rama said he won’t comment on the status of telco restoration work until he receives an explanation for why it’s taken so long for them to restore their services.

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