June 13, 2021

A $28 million space flight with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has been purchased by an anonymous bidder

An unknown individual has won an auction to accompany Amazon founder Jeff Bezos on the firm’s debut voyage into space, according to the spacecraft firm created by billionaire Jeff Bezos.

The winner paid USD28 million (PHP1.34 billion) in a successful offer, according to Blue Origin, although the person’s name would not be revealed for a few weeks.

More than 7,500 individuals from more than 150 countries have registered to bid for the opportunity to take a short trip into space, according to the business. The bidding battle exploded, however, when Bezos revealed on Monday that he and his younger brother, Mark, would be joining the company. By the weekend, the company claimed that about 20 people had submitted the highest bids.

The winning sum will be given to Blue Origin’s Club for the Future, which encourages technology and scientific studies among young people, according to the business.

New Shepard, a space capsule, will launch from West Texas on July 20 for a first mission to orbit that might last just a few minutes. The day commemorates the first human landing on the moon by Americans Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in 1969.

A fourth, as-yet-unnamed individual will accompany Blue Origin on the journey. According to the corporation, the New Shepard accommodates a crew of six and has large windows for optimal space viewing.

Bezos seems to be in a space race with Elon Musk, a fellow billionaire who launched SpaceX in 2002.

Musk said that his ambition was to inhabit Mars one day. He stated, “I can’t think of anything more exhilarating than being out there among the stars.”

With Blue Origin, Bezos seems to be pursuing a more recreational purpose, with public rides accessible. The firm has not said when tickets would be available for purchase or how much rides would cost.

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