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Vaccinations for NorMin children have begun.

CITY OF ILIGAN – On Wednesday, the Adventist Medical Center Iligan (AMCI) in Barangay Tibanga inaugurated the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) immunization rollout for pediatric categories.

The municipal health office’s (CHO) education and promotion officer, Ed Krishna Alivio, said the goal is to vaccinate 57,480 children aged 5 to 11.

According to the Department of Health’s recommendation, the children will get vaccinated for the first time in three months (DOH).

“We plan to vaccinate 1,300 children per day in order to attain 60 percent of the total number of youngsters immunized in one month from the start of the campaign.” In an interview, Alivio stated, “That is the recommendation we received from the DOH.”

Pfizer vaccine vials arrived in Iligan in 194 vials for the first dosage of qualifying youngsters.

Each vial contains ten doses, however, Alivio anticipates at least one dose to be wasted per vial.

Vaccination battle

Meanwhile, Director Jose Llacuna Jr. of the Department of Health-Northern Mindanao (DOH-9) repeated that the Covid-19 vaccine is safe for everyone, especially children because some parents are still afraid to get their children vaccinated, despite their children’s eagerness to get immunized.

“Because they are professionals in pediatric care,” he continued, the government continues to persuade parents through pediatricians.

“We respect the parents’ views, but we’d prefer them to give us permission to inoculate their children,” added Llacuna.

I’m looking forward to going out.

Herchil Cabataa, 11, and her mother, Michel, arrived at the AMCI an hour before the planned immunization time on Wednesday to receive her first dosage.

Herchil claimed she wanted to get vaccinated so she could go to the mall, which she hasn’t done since the outbreak began.

When the risk status was reduced last year, allowing children to visit malls, Michel’s daughter asked if they might go on a walk for a few hours, but she refused.

Dennis Toledo, a father of two, brought his 10- and 11-year-old boys to the AMCI, where he works as the head of the engineering department, to get vaccinated.

Toledo expressed his love for his family and expressed his desire for them to be safe from the illness. He also hopes that they will serve as role models for other children.

“Safety should begin at home. “Protect your family against the virus if you love them,” Toledo advised.

First-aid treatment

Dr. Amelita Maria Hamoy, chapter president of the Philippine Pediatric Society North Central Mindanao, encouraged parents to refrain from allowing their children to engage in any physical activity following the vaccine.

“After one or two weeks of immunization, we too get effects.” “Parents must report it (to the doctor or health facility) if they are not feeling well,” Hamoy said.

She reassured parents that no bad or serious reactions to immunization had been reported in Manila since the program began last week.

She explained that they understand the children’s desire to get vaccinated so that they will be permitted to go out because it is necessary for youngsters to contact people outside of their homes.

“Kids want to visit their classmates as well. Because some youngsters cannot stay in online classes for lengthy periods of time and want to visit their children, it is critical that they be vaccinated. “Parents should be aware of this,” Hamoy stated.

Vigilance is required.

While the province has reverted to Alert Level 2, municipal health official Dr. Lyndon Aclan of Camiguin, Mambajao, emphasized on the “Alerto!” radio show that vaccination is still one of the most important steps in restoring normalcy in the future.

“Let us not become complacent because our (Covid-19) instances have decreased. Instead of waiting for another lethal variation to spread, we should still get vaccinated, he suggested.

Because they have been misinformed about vaccination and its effects, Aclan believes that a significant number of people in Camiguin, particularly senior residents, have not yet been vaccinated against Covid-19.

He asked people to only listen to specialists and to reconsider their anti-vaccination stance.

The province administration also initiated a pilot vaccination program for youngsters at the Camiguin General Hospital on Wednesday.

Children and dependents of hospital workers, as well as confined patients with comorbidities, are the primary recipients.

Aclan further stated that another vaccination rollout will take place on February 22 at the Mambajao Health Office.

Aside from the Covid-19 vaccine, the local health office offers free vaccinations against the human papillomavirus (HPV), cervical cancer, and the common flu.


The Integrated Provincial Health Office (IPHO) in Lanao del Sur is eager to reach out to the community, especially because the province’s vaccine coverage was only 22 percent as of February 14.

Following the reintroduction of the Covid-19 National Immunization Days or Bayanihan Bakunahan last week, IPHO chief Dr. Alinader Minalang noted that their vaccination teams have been traveling down to barangays.

Despite the province’s skepticism, he said the IPHO is aiming for a strong immunization turnout.

He stated they were able to vaccinate roughly 15,000 people for the first, second, and booster doses during the third run of the Bayanihan Bakunahan, which was initially scheduled for February 10-11.

In the towns of Marantao and Tamparan, the vaccination caravan for the third run was held.

Because the Bayanihan Bakunahan has been prolonged until February 18, the IPHO chief encourages all eligible people to get vaccinated, as it is the strongest defense against Covid-19.

“Because we are still far from our aim of 70 to 80 percent of our eligible population achieving herd immunity or community protection, our vaccination (campaign) is now (conducted) everyday,” Minalang added.

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