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Permit Marcos administration to overhaul the agency, PS-DBM requests Congress.

A high-ranking official on Tuesday pleaded with Congress to give the administration of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. a chance to reform the agency despite growing clamor to eliminate the Department of Budget and Management’s (PS-DBM) Procurement Service.

Dennis Santiago, the executive director of PS-DBM, echoed Amenah Pangandaman, the budget secretary, in pleading for permission to implement reforms.

As part of his mandate, Santiago said in a press release, “Please enable the new administration to reform and restructure the agency and provide efficiency and economy in the acquisition of common-use supplies and equipment (CSE).”

As part of efforts to enhance their procedures, the PS-DBM suspended the purchase of non-CSE on August 16.

The PS-DBM will not accept any new requests for non-CSE procurement during the suspension until further notice.

“The PS-DBM can do a lot of good by buying high quality products that are frequently used by government agencies,” Santiago said. “Marami pong mabuting magagawa ang PS-DBM sa pamamagitan ng pagbili ng maayos at may-kalidad na mga produkto.”

He explained that the procurement division’s duty to make large acquisitions is advantageous since it would ensure lower pricing and have an impact on the creation of high-quality equipment. Agencies will be able to concentrate on their individual initiatives, programs, and activities.

Santiago reaffirmed his appeal for lawmakers to have “compassion with understanding,” stressing that many hard-working, well-intentioned workers had faithfully served PS-DBM for many years at this point.

“Please have faith in the new PS-DBM leadership. Let’s introduce and implement PS-DBM changes. It’s important for you to use and follow the system’s procedures (Allow us to fix and clean up the systems and processes here). We wish to restore PS-DBM to its former splendor. Above all, we want to regain your faith and confidence in PS-DBM, he said. “Higit sa lahat, nais naming manumbalik ang tiwala at kumpiyansa ninyo sa PS-DBM.”

Additionally, he acknowledged the feeling held by organizations and lawmakers, stating that he agreed with their call for “zero tolerance” against corruption in the government.

The high-yield investment that was “unauthorized.”

Santiago reaffirmed the PS-examination DBM’s of the audit observation memorandum (AOM) the Commission on Audit (COA) had issued after identifying more than PHP3 billion in high-yield investments in government banks, claiming they were illegal and carried out outside of their purview.

According to the COA, the PS-DBM failed to return the investment to the Bureau of the Treasury’s general fund in accordance with Executive Order 431, which was issued on May 30, 2004.

“We are now analyzing the audit finding on the high-yield savings account and will get get in touch with COA to address the AOM. As long as we have adequately explained the nature of the monies with COA, I support returning the PHP3 billion to the national treasury as soon as possible, Santiago added.

Correcting the situation

In the meantime, Santiago reassured lawmakers that actions are being taken to “repair” the agency.

He claimed that focused CSE purchases, pricing development based on a realistic canvas, and the adoption of procurement and contracting mechanisms that are appropriate for the task at hand might all be used to reform the PS-acquisition DBM’s paradigm.

According to Santiago, efforts to implement reforms in the procurement arm could also include supply chain management, the implementation of electronic procurement platforms like eBidding, eReverse Auction, and eShopping, human resource development and capacity building, the implementation of green public procurement, supplier partnership and management, and more.

“We won’t implement improvements to win favor. To correct the situation and purge the agency’s systems and procedures, we will put the reforms into practice, he declared.

DBM Undersecretary Joselito Basilio previously stated that the organization is still willing to talk with the President, lawmakers, and stakeholders about the problems plaguing its purchasing arm.

The PS-DBM, which has been flagged by state auditors for dubious activities, was proposed to be abolished early this year by Makabayan bloc members of the House of Representatives.

With reference to the PHP2.4 billion purchase of “expensive yet outmoded” computers for teachers and the PHP42 billion funds used to purchase “overpriced” medical equipment during the onset of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic, House Bill 3270 aims to abolish the PS-DBM.

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