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Marcos praises the “excellent standing” of Filipinos in Indonesia

On Sunday, President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. praised Filipinos living in Indonesia for their “excellent standing” in the nation and commended them for their support of bilateral relations in the areas of trade, tourism, and human relations.

During his speech to the Filipino community, which was the first formal event of his three-day state visit to Indonesia from September 4–6, Marcos made this statement.

“The vitality of the Filipino community here in Indonesia is evidence of how long-lasting this kinship and intimate people-to-people ties have been. Because of you, the Indonesians have a great deal of respect for the Filipinos, the speaker declared.

Additionally, he praised Filipinos for their achievements in Indonesia, saying they had made their countrymen “very, very proud.”

“You are now respected members of the community. As business consultants, investors, corporate directors, attorneys, accountants, engineers, professors, and technical personnel,” he remarked.

“We constantly appreciate our OFWs [overseas Filipino workers] for the glory you bring to our country and for the excellent name that you burnish and polish of our country while you are abroad every time we hear news of yet another success by our OFWs. “Filipinos definitely stand out in any corner of the world, Iba talaga ang galing ng Pinoy,” he continued.

Marcos admitted that “the lack of prospects at home” is a factor in why some Filipinos choose to work abroad.

He stated that his administration would continue to work to ensure that every Filipino’s economic, social, and cultural potential is fully realized in their own nation so that people leave for new possibilities rather than out of necessity.

“We see the day when Filipinos will only labor overseas voluntarily rather than because they have no other options. Together, we’ll improve the Philippines’ investment and tourism climates while also generating more jobs for the economy. “As you all know, I am fully devoted to reviving our nation’s agriculture sector,” said Marcos, who also serves as Secretary of the Department of Agriculture.

Under the soon-to-be fully operational Department of Migrant Workers, he committed to giving priority to the rights and welfare of OFWs around the world.

Itataguyod ng Department of Migrant Workers ang kapakanan at karapatang ng lahat ng OFWs sa buong world. “Katuwang ng Department of Foreign Affairs at ating mga embahada at konsulado. It is the aforementioned pangako that will be promoted in conjunction with the Department of Foreign Affairs, as well as our embassies and consulates, in order to advance the welfare and rights of all OFWs worldwide. As your next President, I pledge to keep this promise,” he stated.

Marcos also expressed his gratitude to the Indonesian Filipino community for their resounding support throughout the presidential election and campaign in May.

Moreover half of the votes cast in Indonesia by Filipinos living abroad went to him.

More than 70% of Filipinos living abroad are professionals, including over 20% who work as consultants for different businesses and organizations. Other professionals in this group include teachers, accountants, lawyers, engineers, and technical advisors.

Priority agenda

Susan Ople, the secretary for migrant workers, stated in a separate press conference that Marcos’ choice to make his meeting with the Filipino community in Indonesia part of his “main agenda” demonstrates his deep concern for the needs of all OFWs.

“I think it’s symbolic that on his first day here, he wants to meet the local OFWs first. Sa unang araw pa naman, gusto niya na ang una niyang maka-meet iyong ating OFWs.” It thus reveals a great deal about his interest for our employees, she remarked.

Ople will meet with leaders of the Filipino community to discuss the department’s major programs and projects.

She also emphasized the want to speak with OFWs to acquire their opinions and hear their worries.

She expressed hope that the Department of Migrant Workers will have an impact on a number of the reform areas that need to be addressed.

According to government statistics, there are 7,451 Filipinos living in Indonesia.

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